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Electric curtain track purchase precautions

by:Pacific     2020-03-01
Home is the place to live and the harbor of the soul, so home decoration must be your favorite, warm, home decoration in addition to smart lighting is the most important, electric curtains are also very important. The electric curtain assembly in the electric curtain track must be the most important electrical component, so how to choose the electric curtain track? From the material, the curtain rod is also called Roman Rod, wooden rod, aluminum alloy rod, steel rod, PVC Rod, etc. From the use, there is a difference between the pole and the manual rod. Many consumers have encountered the problem of pulling curtains, pulling or sliding, which often appear on the curtain track. Four things to pay attention to when purchasing electric curtain tracks: first, be light, the sound emitted when opening the window determines the quality of the curtain track, the sound is light and small, the service life is long, and the sound is loud, the use period is short, and the excellent electronic curtain track sound is generally controlled at about 43 decibels; Second, the sliding should be stable. The sliding strength and bearing strength of the electric curtain track are important reference indicators for purchase. The high-quality curtain track electric pulley can withstand a pulling force, the pulleys used for tens of thousands of times are also smooth and light; Third, the surface is smooth, the quality is high, the appearance is beautiful, in the case of heating 150 degrees, there is no crack and aging, etc. , the inner wall or inner wall is still smooth; Fourth, to be safe, as long as the product can withstand authoritative testing and certification in terms of strength and tensile strength, it is an excellent electric curtain track. A good choice, excellent electric curtain track, will also bring comfort and beautiful life.
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