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Electric hoist installation open and close the curtain

by:Pacific     2020-06-15
Electric lift opening and closing the curtain is combined with the electric litre fall shade and opening and closing electric curtain as a whole, its installation method are more trouble than a single function of electric curtain rod, small make up in this to introduce you to the electric lifting movable curtain installation method, can be roughly divided into five steps. Electric hoist of opening and closing the curtain installation steps 1, first the lifting motor is fixed on the ceiling. 2, then put the rope down part of the reel, alignment, tied to a fixed movable rail bracket. 3, the opening and closing rail card to the fixed bracket 4, the lifting motor connected the power cord, adjust the lift motor up and down stroke, and adjust the opening and closing balance of the orbit. 5, connection open and close the motor power, opening and closing machine with the remote control for good code that can be used. Intelligent curtain installation method A, the module with products installed with double-sided adhesive or screw fixed beside the curtain machine reasonable position; B, to pull the 220 v power supply to the module of fixed position; C, pull the curtain machine power cord and fixed position to the module. Wiring methods: A, according to the manual wiring diagram connect well on the power cord, the curtain rod machine line; B, connect a power supply module power supply indicator, according to the module set key, the curtain motor, installation is successful. Warm prompt: A, heavy current danger, amateurs please tear open outfit; B, all wiring please and referring to the product under the power wiring diagram; C, load power products is less than the nominal power (please The perceptual load in half) , wiring should ensure that the load without short circuit phenomenon; D, the distance between the module and module installation should be greater than 1 m; E, modules, please do not install in easy be affected with damp be affected with damp or metal mask. Electric curtains socket installation tip 1, had better install socket in inconspicuous places, the power source for electric curtains, socket according to placed near whether there may be other electric appliances, at least five hole. So one thousand years you don't like electric curtain to replace, the circuit can also do other USES. Sometimes they can be used as the power of the air conditioning. Of course, this kind of circumstance to larger diameter wire. 2, socket location choice: the best is the curtain rod down the wall adjacent the corner of the wall. The aim is for the sake of safety. If the curtain blocked the teahouse, a problem when the circuit is easy to cause potential safety hazard. 3, from the perspective of family use, installation is not recommended in the above, on the contrary I tend to be installed in the below. When needed can use electrical appliances or other board, is not beautiful, also save water and electricity transformation budget.
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