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Fire curtain?

by:Pacific     2020-07-17
The characteristics of fire-proof curtain fire curtain cloth is a special polyester fiber as raw materials carefully weaving products, used in polyester fiber has better than modulus and resistance to impact, lighter weight, more resistant to twists and turns. Meet fire curled, carbonization, not drip, open flame in flame retardant from extinguish, spread, non-toxic, repeatedly washing is not failure, permanent flame retardant products, in line with the B1 level standard ( GB 17591 - 1998). 。 The product has the function of unidirectional perspective, as well as obtains a good landscape vision, and can guarantee indoor confidentiality; Its pattern design and color is simple and elegant, fashionable and generous, is the best-selling Europe and the United States in recent years, Australia and other emerging environmental protection adornment material, sale and use at home is still in its initial stage. The material of fire-proof curtain shutter curtain press shutter and composite materials are divided into steel fiber production shutter. Commonly used is made of composite fiber shutter, with the characteristics of the fireproof fiber is easy to crack in manufacturing cost is higher. Fireproof insulation curtain rod is special weaving polyester fiber as raw materials, adopted by the polyester fiber has better than modulus and impact resistance. Meet fire curled, carbonization, not drip, open flame in flame retardant from extinguish, spread, non-toxic, repeated washing does not fail. The choose and buy of fire-proof curtain curtain does not have a fixed price, the price depends on the price, you choose the curtain of material, fabric, etc. , because different material, fabric of the curtain rod has different price, and accessories, if need to make shade head such as the price will be more expensive, suggest you go to a few more, learn more. Product prices generally contains the curtain cloth curtain, pole, loops, rags, installation and so on.
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