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Five common cleaning methods for curtain tracks

by:Pacific     2020-02-19
There are five ways to clean curtains. Have you seen their lives? Many users do not know how to make curtains suitable for each different material when cleaning curtains. Due to different curtain track materials, the cleaning methods of curtains are also different, otherwise the service life of curtains will be affected. We will introduce you to five common cleaning methods of curtains. First, the cleaning method of the curtain- Electrostatic flocking cloth curtains, alcohol cotton gauze electrostatic flocking curtain tracks are not easy to be dirty, do not need to be cleaned frequently, should not be soaked in water to wash, brush, twist, avoid hair loss, clean cotton gauze with a small amount of alcohol every day, wipe gently. If the flocking cloth is too wet, remove the moisture with both hands or let it dry naturally. Electrostatic flocking fabric curtain: flocking fabric uses the characteristic that the charge is attracted to each other by the same sex, so that the fluff is negatively charged. The object that needs flocking is placed at zero potential, and the fluff is vertically attracted by the plant. The shape accelerates to the surface of the object to be flocked, and then passes through the adhesive to vertically bond the pile to the plant. Second, the cleaning method of the curtain- Velvet curtains, neutral cleaning liquid flat dry velvet curtains are easy to deform, when cleaning curtains, first soak in neutral cleaning liquid (Dishwashing liquid, hand sanitizer for washing babies) A variety of washing products, etc. , gently press by hand, washed curtains should be placed on the shelf to dry, do not dry with hangers. Velvet Curtain: As the name implies, it is made of velvet. The Curtain guide has a delicate and rich texture and thick fabric (800 per meter- 1000 grams, good sunshade effect, good suction effect. )Third, the cleaning method of the curtain- Canvas, linen curtains, warm water soap sponge canvas and linen curtain tracks are difficult to dry, so be careful not to put them directly into the water during cleaning. You can wipe them with some warm soap and water. Canvas and linen curtains: As the name implies, canvas and marijuana are used as raw materials. The canvas curtains are thick and have a good sunshade effect. Due to natural materials, linen curtains are very popular among many consumers. Fourth, the cleaning method of the curtain- Cotton, polyester fabric curtains, water cleaning cotton, polyester as the most common fabric on the market, these curtain materials are durable and can be scrubbed with a damp cloth. If you need to clean, you can put it directly into the washing machine with water, the washing powder is clean. Cotton, polyester fabric curtains: ordinary fabrics generally refer to natural fibers represented by Cotton and chemical fibers represented by polyester. The price is relatively reasonable and it is not easy to deform after cleaning. Five, the curtain cleaning method- Shutters, water brushes, used for daily cleaning of these sheets, can be sprayed on the surface with water or polishing agent, then dried with a dry cloth, curtain rod manufacturers can wipe with a soft brush if they encounter stains that are difficult to dye or clean the rope at the beginning. If the curtains are dirty, wipe them with warm water and then wash them with a small amount of ammonia solution. Venetian blinds: it consists of many connected and folded sheets with ventilation, sunshade and sound insulation functions. Shutter blades are mainly divided into bamboo, wood, glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy, plasticizing and flax.
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