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Gone with the wind window curtain how to choose

by:Pacific     2020-07-16
Window of the choice of the curtain skill ( 1) According to the shape selection window curtain, curtain generally is made inside the window curtains, cloth curtain do the mouth of the floating window and place. Window curtain, inside the window on the window glass around a circle, a u-shaped, l-shaped, height with high wave within the window. The curtain of the bedroom do wall to be born more commonly, if you have radiator, window size, can also do it twice by 30 cm long. In addition, there is the drapes and supporting the gauze shade of directly to do together in the bay window, so save cloth, and appear the bedroom is very big, not burdensome. In domestic outfit with a job is absolutely necessary, that is to buy the curtain cloth art. Really can reflect characteristic, reveal art grade also depends on the curtain cloth and other soft decoration. , cloth art sofa, bedding, in particular, they are more decorative than practical, so when choosing cloth art, fashion, beautiful should be as standard. ( 2) In accordance with the window type selected styles in a room, the window size, shape, should choose different style, can sometimes make up some window type defect. More popular on the market at present the design of a Roman shade, condole curtain, portable shade, litre fall shade, etc. , and is suitable for the metal shutters of toilet, kitchen, wooden, bamboo blinds, etc. , suitable for use in the bedroom dark during the day the non-woven blinds is very convenient. In general, equipped with large area glass observation window, can use a rope mechanical window rail, USES the ground behind the effect is good, also can use several groups of Roman shade patchwork, adornment effect is better. For bay window, big window to choose made up by several separate curtain curtain, the curtain can be fastened, alone with continuous soft curtain rail connect between various curtain as a whole. Window curtain height on modelling has three types, respectively is a French window, 40 cm large Windows and window of 70 cm. French window, bay window curtain with the contour of the design. The 40 - 50 cm of bay window, according to the specific requirements to customize, often with just obscure window advisable. Window curtain installation and advantages and disadvantages of ( 1) Inside the window installation condole top slideway advantages: easy installation, good shading disadvantages: only half long curtains, the adornment effect of the curtain can't fully embodies ( 2) Along the wave window installed in indoor slide advantages: can be installed 2. 8 m big curtain, rise the good adornment result faults: affected by the location of indoor gesso line, stick a wall curtain slippery course cannot line installation, lead to not good fit between curtains and wall body, easy. ( 3) Indoor side curtain rod advantages: can be installed 2. 8 m big curtain, have very good adornment effect; Don't consider gesso line impact on curtain installation location faults: because of the side mount bracket to stop movement of the curtain, curtain of lead to joint easily closed lax, produce light-leaking; This drawback in single rod installation is not obvious, but at the time of double pole installation. Window curtain is tie-in skill now in the market of window curtain is colourful, choose what color of window curtain is good-looking, mainly according to the interior of other options. Such as according to indoor sofa, cushion for leaning on and bedding design and color and color to choose, can also adopt the method of form a complete set of customization, make window curtains and other decorate unified in one color or color, to achieve the overall coordination and vivid. Such as printing of window curtain rod wall paper that fasten with color photograph echo, and match with the color of the bed, such as bedroom curtain decorative vase patterns are coordinated, so that the overall looks very comfortable. Wave window curtain at the same time do not be too bright-coloured color, lower penetrability, but also the protection of privacy.
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