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Grace soft outfit lace curtain of ten kinds of collocation

by:Pacific     2020-05-23
Soft outfit lace curtain of ten kinds of graces with 1, oblique head of black and white silk lace up of diagonal lines to transform the founder of the curtain. Supple, fold the style 2 lace used the sweet fold style lace, and golden beads are combined, a brief yet magnificent. Put 3, ribbon and beads lace luster mix the choiceness of the transparent beads, different colour areas highlighted in the shade. Supple 4, it is an undulating lace decoration strong lace, a brief but for the side of the curtain is characteristic, suitable application in a variety of fabrics. Supple 5, lace and curtain rod whole echo on the fabric and color with the lace curtain inside very echo. Jin luan palace, the harmony of lace and band 6 type match the lace shape and material is very common, after dealing with the delicate lace with band very collocation, and band the pre-work casually more natural harmony. Jin luan palace 7, crystal glass beads crystal glass beads at the bottom of the shade head ornament, for the beauty of the curtain of light brown adds to the clever. Supple 8, glass bead curtain on the outside decoration glass series with a strong female temperament, appropriate bedroom curtains. 9, supple silk ear dark silk fringe edge parallel to the method of parallel ornament, shade, draw the outline of the area of the different fabrics splicing, and outside the curtain at the bottom of the lace echo. Supple 10, outside the curtain lace similar to the size of the dot design is never out of date cloth art design, cooperate with the outside curtain of the same quality of a material cotton cloth, summer is very casually, added a few minutes of romantic and warm feeling. Jin luan palace
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