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Heat insulation curtains?

by:Pacific     2020-07-20
Insulation characteristics of the curtain in the summer when using insulation curtains, the sun to the indoor heat radiation, most is reflected back to the sun protection index can reach 60. 8%, indoor temperature is lower compared with no curtain 6 ~ 12 degrees, is lower than using normal curtain 4 ~ 6 degrees. Winter use heat-insulating curtain, from the interior to the curtain on the vast majority of the human body and the object radiation heat, will be reflected curtain, effectively prevents loss of heat, can improve the room temperature. Insulation material and heat insulation of the curtain curtain, it is to point to have good summer heat insulation and winter heat preservation, the curtain of uv protection function. In modern times, the demand for environmental protection, functional curtain had leap development. With the mature of differential fiber technology, the promotion of textile finishing agents, weaving technology swift and violent development, constantly emerging adiabatic functional curtain. Sunshine fabric cloth art ( PVC + glass fiber) Has good heat insulation pervious to light effect. Heat insulation curtain is special insulation digital segmentation technology, adopts tatting and knitting weaving technology, finished curtain processing technology, will be the summer heat insulation and winter heat preservation technology data to the limit. The choose and buy of heat-insulating curtain 1, the heat insulation effect. When choosing window insulation curtains must choose shading heat insulation effect is the best window curtain, the best degree is actually can not only meet the requirements of daily life shading, but does not affect the rest. 2, see the fabric material. Insulation curtain of commonly used material is polyester, due to the material characteristics of polyester, polyester insulation curtains shading effect will be much better. And polyester insulation curtain is healthy environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, the most main is polyester material of insulation curtains its insulation and shading effect is good, so it is best to choose and buy when the choose and buy polyester material of insulation curtains. 3, work details. Work details, the first is to look at the ends of the heat insulation curtain rod cloth cohesion, if see in heat insulation curtains at the connecting thread of excess and obvious stitch marks, so that the quality of insulation curtain is good. On the contrary, if the cohesion of insulation curtain is coarser, then the quality will be inferior to some insulation curtain.
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