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Hook type curtain installation method

by:Pacific     2020-06-19
The function of the curtain hook type 1, everybody don't like your life in someone else's view, however, hook type curtain can very good according to different requirements, have the effect of protecting privacy. 2, choice of adornment effect hook type curtain also is pretty good, for the hardcover family, having the right hook type curtain to our home more beautiful and have personalized. 3, hook type curtain to keep out the light and the light use largely with the help of, let a bedroom changes more warm, however different curtain rod hook type, for the use of light also has a certain relationship. 4, hook type curtain and good sound effects, hook type curtain installation simple, so mount curtain hook type, can be very good to improve the spread of indoor noise. Hook type curtain installation method 1, little pleated curtains pleated curtain is suitable for installation in the bedroom, but little of the curtain installation is a small wave type, it is mainly to install four tooth hook 4 pins to insert the serial number, number of three rims, as long as you wear other rims are not insert and four teeth don't have a spacing between the hook. 2, fold in the curtain of pleated curtain style is common, using more in your life, its installation method and similar small plait curtain, also through four tooth hook label for three rims, but it is a little difference in between fold have need a rims, to ensure that the appropriate space distance between each hole. 3, big pleated curtains pleated curtain style more fashionable, elegant, is one of the more popular in recent years, tees, it is mainly used in the sitting room, its installation method is according to the 1, 3, 8, 9, serial number, four teeth that are inserted into the hook with a serial number of the holes, 1389 middle reserve four rims.
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