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Hotel curtain how to choose?

by:Pacific     2020-05-21
Hotel in general, the choice of the curtain method 1, color the color of the restaurant meal will affect our mood, and the curtain occupies the most. Therefore, can choose bright color is more light some, can let the hotel appear lively and beautiful, so we looked at also can be happy, appetite is big. 2, fabric for the materials of the curtain rod, can have more choice, which is suitable for use in the hotel? Relatively speaking, cotton, hemp for material is good. Because it is convenient in cleaning, also easy to replace. 3, size is longer than the length of the window of 20 to 30 centimeters advisable, lest by the wind, show window frame. If the window close apart, with two pieces of curtain window will be installed as a whole. Choose the curtain to highland an inch or so; Its width can be according to the window width is multiplied by 1. The proportion of 5 ~ 2. 4, warm in winter and cool in summer in hot weather, choose the curtain of cool color department can make the hotel so not too hot, appropriate choice of pale blue color, this feeling is cool. In the fall and winter, the temperature of the outside is relatively low, the color of the hotel the curtain rod of appropriate USES warm color department is given priority to, such as red, appear warmer. Attention for our hotel hotel curtain rod of choose and buy of the curtain, also should have fire prevention performance, and generally easy to be cheap by rapid combustion, will have a good quality of fireproof performance oh, so family's safety guaranteed. In addition to the above details need to pay attention to color choices, also need to note that some of the color itself will not affect our appetite, but with some collocation may affect our meals and hotel's feng shui. Such as red and green collocation with the color such as orange, yellow and purple, and green collocation, at first glance, red, yellow, orange is the color of the curtain can be used in hotel, but will the color match, easy to cause a bad psychological feelings to the person, will also affect our feelings about dinner. From the perspective of feng shui, too strong color collocation, also easy to make the person produces irritable, nervous mood. Hotel decoration technique 1, simple clean and tidy hotel is one of the most important skills in decorating, we need clear, decorate each public purpose, hotel is a public place for everyone to eat, clean health is a precondition for people diet, only to clean the guest will have appetite, at the same time, the hotel design to keep simple and clear, simple style is more decoration to make the customer be clear at a glance to the hotel, there will be no dead Angle, are more easy to clean. 2 only award hotel decorated capacious and bright, spacious and bright to bring guests a comfortable feeling, capacious and bright restaurant can attract more customers, so hotel son love make integral space is larger, decorate a design for air to circulate freely, to ensure that the air pure and fresh and natural, but also make the customer the larger scope of space activities, so as not to feel depressive feeling, let customers have a certain amount of free space. 3, people-oriented hotel is to provide delicious food for people and place of elegant and comfortable eating environment, so the hotel when decorating a design to adhere to the people-centered principle, from the perspective of the guests on the problem, seize the customer's psychological needs, cause from the adornment design customer recognition, let they can relax at dinner. 4, comfortable sex in decorating a hotel when we need to pay attention to the inside of comfortable, many people rush about a day in the outside, exhaustion of body and mind, and therefore won't come for the hotel comfortable enjoy dinner, so hotel need to consider when decorating their comfortable, let the customer to the hotel to have a meal not only enjoy the food also relax. 5, convenient performance in the hotel to decorate also need to do is when customers have dinner is very convenient, in hu can be before a meal, we need to set the bowl chopsticks, ahead of the best on the table there is a table, and a paper towel, let customers to use very convenient. In addition, you can also put some fruit on the dining table or books, believe it will attract more customers.
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