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How about the application prospect of continental curtain rod ?
The current application of continental curtain rod is mainly focused on the manufacturing industry for industrial use. Though it may finally go to the individual consumers, the direct target is still the industry. It is expected that one day it could be restructured to meet the demand in daily life. This is not only for profit making, but also for product sustainability. Wenzhou Pacific light industry co., LTD. is a good example. We do foreign business with purchasers mainly, and besides, we expand the application in the domestic market for individual use.

Pacific is an international, China-based 8 inch curtain rod brackets manufacturing company with a strong production foundation and marketing experience. Pacific focuses on providing a variety of cafe curtain rod for customers. Pacific 8 inch curtain rod brackets is designed with a kind of decoration element by experienced designers in the research and development team, Which makes the product not only have an illuminance capacity but also it serve as decor to the surroundings. Mounting hardware is also provided for a hassle-free installation. The product features a color light that works with the natural circadian rhythms of human beings. This helps combat fatigue and create an overall sensation of being awake. Its nails are fixed in an unobtrusive way to provide eye pleasing experience.

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