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How do I select the materials and highly curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-04-16
The family is decorated in, a beautiful curtain is often the best cloth art adornment. In order to stop the noise into and warm warm, modern family most like hanging heavy curtain. To carry such heavy curtain, the key lies in the installation of curtain rod. Don't look down upon installation of curtain rod, the correct behavior should be the curtain rod fixed to the thick insulation layer in the wall. However, in the process of construction, some construction personnel in order to save trouble, often will only curtain rod fixed on the insulation wall of plasterboard, simply as a result, curtain rod, long-term become loose, serious when off. Supervision and construction personnel must be in the correct way. If you need to hang the curtain of exterior wall thermal insulation layer thicker, installing a curtain rod should be embedded in the wall of a small wood square, then put the curtain rod is fixed on the wood square, in this way can curtain rod and the wall combined with strong, ensure falling curtain rod is not loose. Installing a curtain rod, curtain rod and had better keep a certain distance between condole top, make sure not close to the ceiling curtain after hang up, easy to pull the curtains and change when remove the curtains. The width of the curtain rod in general than the window frame 20 ~ 30 cm wide. In addition, you can choose good sag of fabric ( Such as silk or gauze qualitative) , this kind of material of the fabric has high effect, can effectively make up for the inadequacy of building height. The curtains down along the should be at least over the windowsill 10 cm, French window curtain distance from ground is in commonly 3 cm. Select the appropriate curtain rod material. Curtain rod material is mainly of metal and wood two kinds, material is qualitative different, the collocation of the curtain is different also. Wrought iron rod head curtain rod collocation silk or gauze qualitative curtain, in the bedroom has a soft contrast contrast beauty; The wooden pole head give a person with warm feeling, full and with wider range of curtain to choose, suitable for the bedroom of all sorts of function.
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