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How fast curtain rod installation

by:Pacific     2020-06-20
Avoid holing curtain rod installation does not punch has been by far the most typical curtain rod telescopic curtain rod. Because the scale curtain rod does not need to install drilling, to remove the installation does not destroy metope many times. Its installation principle is telescopic curtain rod has a whole article very thick spring, installed on the wall is to rely on a wall in the face of the pressure of the spring and the spring supporting force to fix itself. The installation method than other window curtain rod light, free and easy and quick. But also note some skills when installation, install expansion curtain rod will be to achieve twice the result with half the effort. ( 1) Find out the structure of the curtain rod telescopic curtain rod structure mainly includes the outer casing, casing, spring support and brace in four parts. Before installing must be clear that these structures, so when installation will not have errors and shortcomings. ( 2) Before installation check curtain rod rod should be inspected carefully before they are ready to install adjustable curtain rod are in good condition, are there any damaged or scratched. After the inspection, to determine the installation position of curtain rod in the window on the wall, pay attention to the size and height of the curtain rod. ( 3) When installation, pay attention to casing expansion in the installation method and the shutter shade curtain rod methods are similar, when installation should pay attention to the inner sleeve telescopic curtain rod must be set in the jacket pipe, installation is convenient and easy. ( 4) Free to adjust the length of the curtain rod according to the predetermined length of the curtain, are free to adjust the length of the telescopic curtain rod. Adjustment length is through the mounting bracket the telescopic rod of vertical and horizontal position adjustment, adjust to the curtain that cover the whole window length is ok.
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