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How much is a meter curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-04-17
The curtain is indispensable to every household cloth art that occupy the home, but when installing curtains are to be curtain rod to cooperate, if there is no curtain rod will not install curtain, today small make up to introduce the curtain rod under how much money one meter? Curtain rod of choose and buy? With small make up together and see it! One, how much is the curtain rod 1, one meter on the market at present the factory in order to meet the needs of various customers, curtain rod is also has a variety of styles. Material is different also, production technology has a lot of kinds, of course the price also have very big different, generally the curtain rod prices generally in more than ten yuan to several dozens yuan per meter, according to the different style, material, technology have high low price, more expensive general stainless steel material is qualitative, zinc alloy material of metal materials, on the market price is usually 20 to 50 yuan. But if it is plastic, aluminum space this kind of material is cheaper, the market price is usually ranging from 5 to 25 yuan, another is pure copper, copper itself is relative value is higher, so the copper qualitative curtain rod prices are higher, on the market prices are usually in more than 60 yuan. Not in the home, buy the poor quality, suggest to buy RMB 30-40 curtain rod of a meter. Second, buying note 1 curtain rod, now on the market by selling points good kind of curtain rod material usually can be classified as wood and metal material. In accordance with the style of the bedroom or household to choose what we need curtain rod design and its material, usually made wooden curtain rod can let a person have a feeling of warm carefree, it won't be affected by household style and curtain texture, collocation is relatively easier, metal curtain rod with soft yarn quality of a material of curtain is tie-in, can produce a rigid-flexible economic result. 2, rising stem and the non-rising stem when the difference in the modern family is decorated, most people prefer to choose stem to used for family decoration of the curtain, rising stem its meaning is refers to the color of the curtain rod and adornment head all can see, however, non-rising stem means are difficult to see in a embedded curtain box of window, mostly used in domestic outfit now rising stem. 3, work our curtain rod, the choose and buy should first from the curtain rod to work up to check first, some manufacturers have cut corners on the market at present, so we should check the wall thickness of curtain rod. Check, in what ways is also relatively simple, as long as we put decoration head down, looking is what material, wall thickness is thick, usually bearing effect is better. 4, material selection is important material and style are all kinds of curtain rod, stainless curtain rod usually the longest service life. Wooden curtain rod is good-looking and adornment effect is better, the downside is that the wooden curtain rod used for a long time will be easy to insect, hang curtain after a long time will cause the curtain rod bent not straight, because wooden weighing effect is not so good, so the final advice or choose stainless steel material is qualitative curtain rod in adornment is better.
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