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How much is a meter curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-04-17
And the curtain will be used to his new house decoration, the curtain of a fine not only beautification bedroom, and keep out sunshine, protect the privacy of the owner. Many owners tend to notice when the choose and buy the curtain is the fabric of the curtain, while ignoring the curtain rod. Actually curtain rod is the nods eyeball pen of home decoration, so how much money one meter curtain rod? Curtain rod how to choose and buy? We will follow below small make up to make a detailed understanding. Curtain rod how much a meter in order to meet the needs of different customers, diversified curtain rod materials. Material is different, the craft that make different, the price is a big difference! In general the price of the curtain rod in one meter to a few yuan ten yuan. Zinc alloy, stainless steel, metal, stainless steel is more expensive, the market price is in commonly - 25 40 yuan between. Aluminium and plastic, space cheaper, the market price is in commonly - 5 20 yuan between. Pure copper quality than other material, the market price is in commonly 50 yuan of above. General family expenses, not to buy bad, suggest to buy RMB 30-40 curtain rod of a meter. Curtain rod how to choose and buy above we know the price of curtain rod, let's take a look at their choice of knowledge. Everybody when the choose and buy, should first check the wall thickness of curtain rod, some manufacturers to cut corners tend to juggle with your materials, the thinner wall thickness, the rod bearing force is smaller, later in the process of using the more prone to accidents. Will decorate head ( Commonly known as the first) Tear open come down to see the essence through the phenomenon, in general, the more thick, the better. At present the curtain rod on the above material has a lot of, material is qualitative different, quality difference is very big also. Common plastic, wood, aluminum and iron, their quality are different. You should choose the material strong and durable products. 1, plastic products, in general, easy to aging discoloration, fracture, etc. , but the style color optional; 2 easy moth, cracking, wooden products, long suspension is relatively thick curtain cloth, easy to bend and pull the curtain when the feeling is very acerbity, but adornment effect is more high-grade; 3, aluminum alloy products of a single color, aluminum does wrapping over time and is easy to glue, poor bearing performance of friction resistance, belongs to the economic and practical type; 4, metal spray paint products easy off paint, only the iron electroplating products, surface treatment, and the bearing, good abrasion resistance. Everyone home window shape is different, such as a ring, a linear type and so on, we should choose appropriate curtain rod according to the shape of the Windows in the home. 1, one glyph window, if the whole wall mount curtain, can choose the curtain rod or roller guide rail; 2, if only part of the window to hang curtain, then selecting the Rome more fashionable. 3, L Windows: you can select a long Roman rod and a short rod Rome ( Don't link to each other) One guide, or choose to bend. 4, u-shaped Windows, generally choose can bend roller guide rail is more beautiful, especially the bay window, if the top of the window close to the ceiling, selection guide is the best. Generally curtain rod above have the matching bracket, bracket is used to connect to the wall and curtain, it plays a role of supporting the curtain. Stents, in general, and the larger contact area of the wall, hang up is stable, the gong with appropriate really eat the length of wire to power, the second installation degree of experience and technology skilled workers is also key. Many times installation workers diagram fast and convenient, irresponsible carelessly on the wall, leaving a lot of hidden dangers.
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