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How much will it take for grommet curtain rods materials?
Distinct from labor and manufacturing cost, the cost of the materials plays an important role in pricing grommet curtain rods . To reduce the material cost, a professional producer will estimate the number of materials as required at the beginning of the production work and try their best to reduce materials' waste. It has been proved that a high utilization ratio of raw material directly contributes to a reduced cost on purchasing materials and a more favorable price of the finished products as well.

Wenzhou Pacific light industry co., LTD. has a proud and rich heritage of research and development of adjustable swing arm rod. We produce and distribute high-quality products. Pacific focuses on providing a variety of curtain rod accessories for customers. Featuring user friendliness, Pacific iron curtain rods and finials has passed the national quality and safety inspection on the issue of optical radiation to provide users with a safe and healthy light environment. Its elegance is in its simplicity in style and color. This product has a long lifespan, enabling users to eliminate the hassles of climbing up a ladder or a pole to replace the old bulb. Thus, it helps users cut energy costs. It is exported to many countries and regions, like Holland, Germany, France, Denmark, and Spain.

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