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How should the curtain track be chosen?

by:Pacific     2020-02-19
How to choose curtain track modern window track is more tense. In terms of materials, there are three types of metal, wood, and plastic steel (PVC). According to the function, it can be divided into single rail, double rail, Telescopic rail, curved rail, rope pull rail and electric rail. Regardless of the type of window rail, people hope that it can achieve a beautiful appearance. The material is solid, flexible and smooth, and has a harmonious effect with the family environment. The monorail and double track of the general family window layout are easy to contact with the whole family atmosphere, and the installation is very convenient. The material is made of iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, wood and plastic steel. Regardless of style, the key depends on whether it is safe to use, convenient to start and the thickness of the material. The use of the Telescopic rail is very convenient, the scale can be adjusted arbitrarily, the material is iron, aluminum alloy steel, plastic steel, etc. , but when selecting the curtain track, it is important to pay attention to the telescopic interface, because the interface determines the service life of the window rail. The interface is not handled properly, and the pulley will wear out during use, affecting traction. The curved guide rail is suitable for various curved, octagonal and irregular windowsills, and the material can be roughly divided into aluminum alloy plastic steel. The thickness of the bending track material determines the bending angle and size. How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of curtain tracks? The following four points are for reference: first, it is very light. The sound of the window when it is opened determines the advantages and disadvantages of the window track. The high-quality plastic steel window rail is only about 43 decibels when opened, which is equivalent to the sound of the split air conditioner. Inferior products have a loud sound and short life. Second, sliding, smoothness of window rails, strength and bearing capacity of slide rails are important reference indicators. The pulleys of high-quality plastic steel window rails can withstand a pulling force. Under 5 kg load, tens of thousands of pulls are still smooth and smooth. Three, flat. Beautiful appearance, smooth surface, specification error less than 0. 150, no bubbles and traces when heated to °C. There is no aging phenomenon, and the inner and outer walls are still smooth and flat. Three, safety, according to the inspection of the relevant departments, only the product's influence is, tensile strength, oxygen index, elongation at break, heat resistance meet the standards, it is considered to be a high-quality plastic steel window rail.
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