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How should the curtains be cleaned?

by:Pacific     2020-02-26
For removed curtains, only the parts that need to be cleaned need to be removed. Before disassembly, dust on the curtain track should be sucked up by a vacuum cleaner to prevent dust from flying around or accidentally entering the eyes. At the same time, curtains need to be ready to remove curtains. To remove the curtains, you need patience and care. Do not pull them hard, causing parts on the curtains to fall or damage. Cleaning of cotton and linen curtains: curtains made of this material can be cleaned directly with a washing machine. In addition to adding washing powder, it is best to add softener to make the washed curtains look softer and feel smoother. However, easy-to-shrink fabrics should be cleaned. When buying curtains, the shopping guide should know which cleaning method it is suitable. In addition, this kind of curtain is easy to fade, can not be directly exposed to the Sun, should be placed in a cool place to dry. Flannel curtains: The fabric is soft, comfortable and drape, but it is easier to vacuum than other curtain track materials. It is difficult to clean, so you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove some dust and then remove it. Shake the curtain by hand before cleaning so that the dirt on the surface disappears, and then soak it in water containing detergent for 15 minutes. Flannel curtains should not be machine washed. It is recommended to wash the water gently after hand washing. Lace curtains: lace curtains mainly play the role of matching and decoration. Due to its material characteristics and manufacturing process, it is not suitable for cleaning. Under normal circumstances, just use a soft brush to gently remove dust from the surface. Plastic aluminum shutters: shutters are usually installed in kitchens or offices, although their appearance is not as good as other materials. But victory is easy to clean up and manage. Because it is difficult to remove, when cleaning, just scrub with a damp cloth dipped in detergent, dry or spray a proper amount of water directly, and then wipe with a cloth. Roller blinds: roller blinds are more difficult to remove. The correct cleaning method is to remove dust with a brush and then wipe it with a cloth. Finally, it can spray some polishing agent to keep it clean for a period of time and reduce the number of cleaning times. Wood woven curtain: wood woven curtain is made of wood, bamboo, enamel and rattan. This kind of curtain has high air permeability, high cost and high-end effect inside. This kind of curtain is prone to mold and insects when exposed to humid environment, so try not to touch water in daily life or when cleaning. Just use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust or wipe off dust with a dry towel. Gauze: curtains can be one layer, several layers, one layer of yarn, one layer of fabric, or hollowed out. Because the fabric of the gauze is relatively thin. Wash by hand and then dry. White gauze is not washed with gauze of other colors. Wash separately to avoid hitting curtains of other colors. Finally, pay attention to the cleaning solution for cleaning curtains. It is best not to choose the bleach that is most likely to damage the curtain, so you must choose some milder detergent.
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