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How to bind the curtain rod at home?

by:Pacific     2020-04-22
Decorate in the family, in the process to install the curtain to decorate a room, then install before the curtain curtain rod, so what kind of curtain rod, how to bind the curtain rod, we look together! Binding home curtain rod method first we want to know what kind of curtain rod are there, on the market at present the mainstream of curtain rod Rome rod and slide, divided into the single pole and double pole, single track and double track, so according to your demand to do single shade or double curtain. Curtain binding method is simple, generally is the ceiling binding, installation way is important to note that in decorating a house before you leave in advance, curtain box of window, in this way can install chute and beautiful, if no prior obligate the installation ways will be very troublesome, later will make a curtain box of window. If you choose to use curtain rod, is now the current practice is contracted, but Rome bar binding are more complex than the chute, the rod is bearing by stent carrying pole, if a curtain rod is too long may be in the process of handling also need the curtain rod sawing in the middle. Roman bar binding method is to measure good measure beforehand, better than the actual distance is short 2 cm per side so convenient to take, if need to decorate the head, you will need to set aside some longer, if the plug is shorter, depending on their type window. When bound to find a good center, be sure to set the position of the truncation on the scaffold, method is very simple is to use the rod measure on the wall, and then make the mark pen, if the rod is broken can also purchase the linker, connect the rod. This is also convenient to take in the future. Then in turn in a moment, and then the cork screw is ok, it is important to note in the bar before to put up the curtain hook ah, so you need not take the rod back and forth, hook number according to the fold of the curtain to split.
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