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How to buy curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-03-16
How to hang curtain hooks and what are the purchasing skills of curtain rods? At present, the concept of many home improvement cities is light decoration and heavy decoration. Under such a decoration mode, curtains, a necessary household item in the family, are particularly important, so how should the curtains be hung and how should the curtain rods be purchased? Let's take a look at it together. First, the purchase skills of curtain rods 1, check the wall thickness. The most important point of a curtain rod is that it needs to have a strong enough bearing capacity. In order to reduce the production cost, many manufacturers often do some work on the wall thickness to put the originally thick curtain rod, cutting corners into thin ones can greatly reduce costs and is more conducive to the improvement of profits. However, such curtain rods will naturally be worse in terms of bearing capacity. In the long-term use, they are more prone to problems and accidents. Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing curtain rods, we should carefully observe the wall thickness. Generally, the thicker the wall thickness, the better. 2, inspect the material. If a curtain rod wants to be durable, the choice of material is naturally higher. For general plastic products, the aging and fracture speed will be faster. For wooden products, its Moth-proof and cracking aspects will be relatively weak. Therefore, if you want to use it for a long time, you should still choose alloy products. The bearing capacity and performance of alloy curtain rods are better than those of plastics, which are economical and practical products. In addition, the iron paint products also have more market value, especially the electroplated iron products, whose appearance surface is smooth and bearing capacity is strong, it also makes the iron curtain rod have good wear resistance. Second, the curtain hook hanging method. There are usually three hanging methods for curtain hooks, one of which is the small pleated curtain hook hanging method in our daily life; The other is the curtain hook hanging method with large folds, and the other is our common S-type curtain hook hanging method. 1, small pleated curtain hook. According to the threading method in 1234, align the four feet of the four-tooth hook with the corresponding holes on the cloth bag, and insert them in sequence, with no interval in the middle and only the third fork. 2, large pleated curtain hook. According to the wearing method in 1389, the four feet were inserted into the holes in 1389. Since each hole is separated by four holes, the shape formed looks a bit like a butterfly. 3, S-type curtain hook. S-type curtain hook hanging method is the most common curtain hook hanging method in our daily life. This hanging method only needs to insert the slightly narrow end of the hook into the curtain, then use the hook at the other end to hang it on the curtain rod of the curtain to complete the hanging of the curtain. The above is a brief introduction to the selection skills of curtain rods made by Xiao Bian, hoping to help everyone.
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