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How to calculate the price of curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-03-14
Curtain is a kind of mid-term soft decoration that is very commonly used in modern home life. I firmly believe that every family must have them. As the name implies, they are a kind of curtain installed on the side of the window, and they can be seen on the side of each window. Everyone knows that the installation of curtains must be matched with curtain rods. So how much is the curtain rod one meter? The following small editor will take you to the article to find the answer! First, the price calculation of curtain rods for the price of curtain rods, there is only a relevant calculation formula. It is mainly based on the Roman pole billing method as the standard, and its formula is: total price = unit price × total number of meters (Rod head). If the single pole is seriously less than 2 meters, the price should be calculated at 2 meters; If the double pole is seriously less than 1 meter, the price should be calculated at 1 meter. The final billing is generally accurate to centimeters. Second, the negative impact factors of curtain rod price in essence, the price of curtain rod is negatively affected by various factors, mainly including material, shape and technology. At present, the styles of curtain rods are mainly divided into open rods and hidden rods. The hidden rods are installed in curtain boxes, with a single appearance and unattractive appearance, so the price is relatively high; On the contrary, the open pole is more ornamental and meticulous, so the price is slightly more expensive. In addition, the price of curtain rods with different shapes and crafts is also different, and the price carefully designed is higher. Three, curtain rod how much money one meter as we all know, the price of curtain rod is mainly calculated according to their meters. In general, their prices range from more than ten yuan per meter to tens of yuan per meter. Generally speaking, it is OK to buy one meter in 30 or 40 yuan. It is made of stainless steel tube. In addition, the better one is 70 or 80 yuan per meter, and the more commonly used one is aluminum alloy. Four, in contrast, plastic, space aluminum curtain rod price is lower, generally 5-20 yuan per meter. The above is about the price of curtain rods, hoping to help everyone! How much does it cost to decorate? Calculate it early: 10 seconds completely free decoration quotation the above introduction about how much the curtain rod costs and how to calculate the price of one meter curtain rod ends here. I hope these introductions can help you.
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