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How to choose a suitable curtain?

by:Pacific     2020-06-20
Cloth of curtain to choose step the first step: clear purpose if you have towards the Windows of the east or west, home sun is the most important use of the curtain. Shade curtains can keep out light, but also maintain indoor brightness, this is also for environmental protection and energy saving. Adjacent to the main house, night lights, billboards light also is very strong, in order to have a restful sleep, need to be thicker curtain shade. Step 2: decide whether design flat open shade or Roman shade, whether to add adornment shade head, the design of the curtain and window form, frequency of open, close the room style. Ordinary Windows typically use split curtain design, tie-in curtain rod or slide. The narrow window ( Width of less than 1. 5 meters) Use the single open can. Room fast light changes, should use Roman shade, by manual or electric control device can adjust at the hem of the curtain, control how much light into the room. If the furniture is put in the window, also can install the Roman shade, open more convenient, and does not occupy a space. Roman shade also applies to hexagon or circular room, this house, the window will be separated into several parts, Roman shade can guarantee good cohesion between each curtain. Wave window design also had better use Roman shade, installation within the window frame, save material and space. Roman shade can be made into plane, the fan or the water curtain, etc. , can choose according to style and fabric. About the length of the curtain, window with drapes commonly; Half the best window to control the hem on the windowsill below 30 centimeters. Choose the curtain rod installation, there are many ways: punch in the fabric directly, easy pull; In the form of the outer bag, looks beautiful, but high friction between fabric and bar, especially the bag size and the diameter of the rod, pull back and forth more difficult; Condole belt appears very simple, in a form suitable for the relatively thin cloth; With the way also is bad, suitable for at ordinary times often do not pull just decorative window. Suggest the best buy curtain ring, so easy to open and dismantling change also convenient. Slide bearing ability is better than curtain rod, therefore suitable for larger width and weight fabric, curtain. Whether you need to shade head, the main still should see whether to install the curtain box of window, in order to beautiful, the curtain box of window decoration with shade head will be up. But for the average house, curtain box of window is no longer popular installation. Unless there is a high above the window of 3 meters, or villa and other large French window, can install the curtain box, and made some shade head decoration. Step 3: choose, pattern of design and color cloth to remove, the curtain cloth of its thickness, fiber composition and are made special processing to produce a great impact on the future use. Choose cloth, window toward tend to be affected. The window facing south, the light is good, gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth is more appropriate. North room, often cold gray, should choose warm color and some of the massiness curtain, increase temperature. Room facing east or west, every day after several hours of intense sunshine, want to use through special processing of fabric, or a neutral color of fabric, otherwise it will fade or discolor, best can also contains certain heat insulation performance. The fabrics of natural fiber and cotton fiber silk wool hang down feeling good, and feel comfortable, is very good fabric. Only the stimulation of natural fiber is not suitable for high temperature, strong light, so you can't use in a western room. Artificial fiber or synthetic fiber fabric, through special processing, the shrink proof, crease resistant is better than the natural fiber fabrics and discoloration resistance, higher practicability. Step 4: to know the method to calculate the amount of good window size, the usage of cloth is not completely clear, although there are merchants help calculate, or to understand some of the basic calculation methods and rules, so as to avoid mistakes. Flat open shade in measuring the width of the window size, on both sides and then add 15 cm, this is the usual location of curtain hook is installed, and obligate twice the size of the actual width for the pleating, some design press 2. 5 times better. The curtain hem distance 1 to the floor 2 cm, lest you sweep the floor is not health, and it can appear higher room. If it is half curtain, curtain rod hem 20 - under the window 30 centimeters. Step 5: hang curtain rod and slide rail accessories determines the curtain effect and use convenience, must be more careful when choosing.
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