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How to choose and buy the bedroom curtain rod ( The curtain rail) 吗?

by:Pacific     2020-04-19
Curtain rod is typically metals ( Aluminum alloy) Or wood rod, metal generally is hollow. Do paint, appearance, give a person the sense with wood, moderate price, is very popular among people, is the first choice for common decorate. On a curtain rod is equipped with many rings, two head with beautiful decoration, elegant appearance. The choose and buy the curtain rod ( The curtain rail) Tip of the curtain rod, suitable for use in the light color and approximate can play crural line, commonly, also note and curtain style is harmonious, increase the adornment colour effect. Slide rail bending and straight track. Curved track can be bent, so some suitable for different shapes of window ( Such as arc, right Angle, anise and round) 。 Other than smooth curtain rod slippery course to pull the curtain, and can slide rail side ( On the wall) Can also be top loaded ( Smallpox) With inconspicuous, after curtain hanging high can even invisible. The window is to choose the rod or slippery course, should be chosen according to the specific situation slide or curtain rod, such as the balcony, side window choose straight track. Two sides is a window, a turn, and then with a curved track, can be arbitrarily curved shapes, bend, nailed on the roof, the curtain hangs down, if the gauze shade cloth curtain two layer, double slide rail is required. Slippery course is usually two white and champagne. Slippery course material of aluminum alloy and the nano. With the selection of window curtain rod, pinned to the wall to the side, single/double pole. Curtain rod of each set of ten centimeters two head decoration, consider at this time, no wall around, if you want to use the curtain all cover the window, there is no spare curtain rod are two head ornaments, choose slide rail can solve, slippery course to can can can also top side. Curtain rod ( Rail) There are common and brand, price difference. Wooden pole, higher than the ordinary aluminum alloy rod. In addition, as wrought iron curtain rod, the modelling of marble material rod, expensive.
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