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How to choose curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-03-13
When the whole project has been completed, it will be basically transferred to the end of the decoration, and the installation of curtain rods must be considered. As the detailed part of the curtain rod, it should not only match the overall style, but also be called a manifestation of the owner's taste in life. Before installing the curtain rod, you must choose the curtain rod freely. When purchasing the curtain rod, you must not only focus on its quality and appearance, but also need to match the overall style. Let's take a look at how curtain rods are freely chosen! First, the curtain rod can clearly see the bright Rod and the hidden rod. The bright Rod needs to see the color and style of the curtain rod, which has a considerable negative impact on the decoration effect of the whole curtain; The hidden rod is hidden inside the curtain box and is generally seen. The structure of installing curtains is different. Curtain rods can also be divided into monorail, double-track and multi-track forms. The monorail curtain rods can only hang one curtain, while the double-track curtain rods can hang two sides, one track has a hanging screen window, and the other track is used to install thick curtains. Second, how to choose the curtain rod freely should be determined according to the material of the curtain rod. Curtain rods made of different materials have different characteristics. Generally speaking, plastic curtain rods are more likely to age, wooden curtain rods are more likely to be damaged and cracked, and aluminum alloy curtain rods have poor bearing capacity and wear resistance, the iron curtain rod is easier to drop paint if the surface is not properly treated; The curtain rod of pure stainless steel is firmly installed and durable, and can be used as a free choice object, but the shape effect of the curtain rod of this material is relatively poor. Third, how to choose the curtain rod freely, we must also look at the thickness of the curtain rod to choose freely. The thicker the wall thickness of the curtain rod is, the better. If the rod wall is thinner, the bearing capacity of the rod will be weaker. However, the wall thickness of the curtain rod is generally very poor. Check the thickness, but you can feel the weight of the curtain rod by hand, and the thickness of the curtain rod wall can also be displayed according to the weight. Four, curtain rod in the free choice, must pay attention to the curtain rod bracket and curtain rod should match. Generally speaking, the contact area between the support of the curtain rod and the wall surface must be large enough to ensure the stable and solid support of the curtain rod. The size of the screw matching the curtain rod must also be suitable, and the technology and purity of the installation workers should also be freely selected. Xiao Bian suggested that when installing curtain rods, workers from professional manufacturers should be selected to install them at home, so as not to negatively affect the safety of future use if the decoration is not in place. The above is the relevant consultation on how to choose the curtain rod freely, hoping to help everyone choose the appropriate curtain rod freely.
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