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How to choose different season curtains for you?

by:Pacific     2020-07-13
Different seasons spring curtain rod curtain method to choose the choose and buy: the fabric, styling options: frivolous flower curtain is most suitable for use by spring, deduce flourishing and warm atmosphere; Cloth and yarn combination of double layer curtain free collocation can be changed according to the light, very practical. The shutter, bamboo curtain, concise, atmospheric more of Venetian blinds leads the new trend of modern household style. Colour respect: spring more give priority to with warm color, yellow and white collocation, sweet and comfortable, suitable for household style of elegance. Light green and white collocation, natural and pure and fresh, suitable for the household environment of country style. In addition, the grey, pearl, coffee, cream, coral and other beautiful elements, also increasingly become the spring tide of the curtain color, as long as reasonable collocation, can make household window. Pattern: light romantic flower, concise and lively geometry, cozy and elegant small broken flower & hellip; … Can give a person the sense with pure and fresh and natural good. Summertime curtain of choose and buy: fabrics, style aspect: the summer season, quality of a material soft breathable cool yarn, silk material will be the first choice of the fabrics of the quarter; Hemp qualitative fabrics excellent permeability is characteristic of the smooth and comfortable, silk fabrics is also a good choice; If you like contracted style, the first bamboo shade, shutters. Shanghai brings together numerous household stores and markets, curtain, wallpaper with scissors stone cloth furniture store more professional, more optional, and with professional fabric designers can provide professional advice. Colour respect: it is recommended that choose the curtain that cool color moves, such as blue and the feeling of relaxed washs practice to help you sleep, with white collocation bring out the best in each other; Green full of vitality, health, pure and fresh, can eliminate fatigue stress, calm anxious state of mind. Beige, low-key and elegant, give a person the sense with ease & hellip; … Other such as light gray, shallow purple also suitable for use in summer. Autumn curtain of choose and buy: the fabric, styling options: slightly cool autumn, with silk curtains to decorate a bedroom is the most appropriate nevertheless. Can according to the features of different room, lighting requirements to make corresponding change; Quality of cotton print curtain or hemp color curtain builds a simple sense of quiet; If wants to expand field of vision, improve lighting, suggested that choose gauze qualitative curtain. In addition, Venetian blinds, roller blinds, pleated curtain for the modelling of the joker, applies to fall. Colour respect, give priority to with the style of the dark, low-key and inside collect. Brown, dark green, dark blue, for example, to sweep off the summer hot and impetuous, create the elegant atmosphere of the bedroom; And orange, match again a few gray red wine, these natural primary colors make people forget pressure, peace of mind to enjoy the rest of time at home. Pattern: elegant classical style, classic floral pattern is fit for in the season of harvest. Winter curtain of choose and buy: fabrics, design aspects: appropriate chooses the heavy warmth retention property of fabrics, such as flocking, wool, etc. , can effectively block the cold outdoor, ensure indoor warm and comfortable; Suggest to add a picture window screening at the same time, make sunshine diffuse into the room and formed the administrative levels of the curtain. Generally small space should use concise style, in order to avoid space because of the heavy and complicated of the curtain and appear more cramped and narrow; Relatively larger space, the curtain of more suitable and easy, delicate style, decorate a bedroom play effectively. Colour: advice to avoid large area of the use of cool color to move, recommend the warm color attune such as gules, orange, yellow fabric. Mixing and changes in temperature, give priority to with warm winter in recent years the popular colour of household. Bring bouncing visual experience, to produce complementary means that accord with modern and changeable aesthetic.
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