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How to choose the curtain arc window

by:Pacific     2020-07-19
Arc window choose the method of the curtain ( 1) Radian in the first place, the diameter of the window good arch measurement, note that we must to measure accurately, and then put the material to get the special aluminum profile bending the radian bending, back again after his discharge spell well. Curtains shall be calculated according to the area of the arc good, completes the curtain only need along we installed skeleton to do, so have certain radian curtain is suitable for our home life. ( 2) Style friends may think you're doing arc window curtain rod to choose, first consider what is the problem. I think, design should be the vast majority of people will first consider the question! For window curtain to choose, the choice of the style of the above questions, each of us to appreciate the level has great discrepancy, for window curtain selection, everyone don't like the style. ( 3) Material for window this kind of cloth curtain, arc window curtain selection should also consider the problem is the problem of wave window material. The material of cloth art window still have a lot of classification, the main has the material such as cotton, hemp, silk and wool. The material of window are more popular and many consumers prefer material. We doing window curtain to choose, can also according to their preferences for material, choose their own material. ( 4) Color color for arc window curtain to choose is very important. For what we value window curtain rod when the choice of the color requirement? In fact, the collocation of color is very important in our bedroom to decorate a thing. Color is not good, will make the downgrading of bay window. Not only show the effect, it will destroy the whole environment atmosphere. Usually our window curtain selection of color are some of the color is not very tall lightness, in other words, is the wave window cannot too bright-coloured color choice. Since the role of the wave window in addition to decorate a bedroom, it is the most fundamental or to protect people's privacy. How curved Windows curtain (Ann 1) Preparation device window broken horse pole, the prophase work of preparation is important. Let's to see it again before the device required things and decorative hardware products and accessories are complete, such as measuring tape, marker pen, cross-shaped screwdriver, self-tapping screws, ladders, power supply connection line, etc. To see Rome rod with its decoration is stigma and bearing rings. When the accessories after the check, and for measurement device curtain rod bearing, etc. Also, measure the width of the window, and the Roman gear bearing bearing, with the marker symbols, in case of forget in the operation of the next. ( 2) Punch prophase preparation is completed, will be based on what is symbol of azimuth to punch. First determining drilling azimuth, due to the support of punching device demand, and general device in the interval of 5 - the ceiling 8 cm, metope between 15 - 18 cm bearing, which can conclude that the orientation of the drilling. General beyond 2. 5 meters of the Roman bar will need three stents as support, the base of the bracket in the wall or the window base, such as the other two interval distribution, thus can tell other hole location. Then is punched. Use electric drill, etc on the metope of now conclude that good drilling hole azimuth, the depth of the hole is commonly 3. 5 - 5 cm, drill hole request vertical no twists and turns, also cannot have skewed. When demand in mind, the punch to avoid electrical wiring, conduit, line pipe, etc. All will swell pressure such as screws into the hole. ( 3) Gear lever, after all, that is, Roman rod device will be at the top of the window. Rome pole bracket needs stability using self tapping screw, etc, and then wear the connecting rod and can is a sliding window cloth rings fled into the bar, pay attention to the two ends of the bar in Rome leave a rings. Later, the Roman rod fixed on the bracket, and ensure the system stability. Secondly, the two gourd shape of the head decoration bar connection with Rome, and adjust the position, make two stigma interval metope at the same value. Else, if you want to two curtain rod, must pay attention to the length of the two poles is common, otherwise will be a new measurement device. Then hang lever of Rome window cloth, with fit before Rome pole rings. And repeated opening and closing at the mercy of sliding window cloth, view the slide rail is sensitive, the height of the window cloth is common, or we'll adjust.
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