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How to choose the curtain bearing according to window color

by:Pacific     2020-06-28
How to choose a different color according to the window location and type of the sitting room facing south curtain should choose white or ivory, because from the traditional five elements, the south is fire, the fire grams of gold for wealth, gold white, so choose white, milky white. And north to the sitting room, should choose the curtain of red, pink, or give priority to tone with red, because the north as water, water, fire for wealth, HuoZhu red, so choose red and pink. Actually these claims also makes sense in what is now the sounds, the sitting room facing south, sunshine, choose white or ivory, can make the room appear cooler, and the north of the sitting room, less light, cold, adopting gives priority to tone with red can let a room appear warmer, these are home decoration and modern theory has the same place. So, west of the curtain of the sitting room can be used to yellow mass-tone, south bedroom, had better use light blue collocation of light coffee color is tie-in white or cream-colored curtain, and the north of the bedroom had better is to use red color of the curtain rod series, such as pink, light purple is pretty good. 1 room window blinds, vertical blinds, the east the east window light is always accompanied by morning the sun rises and scored, so can quickly focus on a lot of light, the temperature from the cool night quickly to high temperature, the heat will be through the metal window frame quickly spread. So you can choose to have soft texture and vertical blinds, Venetian blinds they have the same texture yarn, and can pass quietly elegant is tonal harmonic dazzling light. 2, the south window day and night curtain, cloth curtain there is plenty of light, all the year round window on the south side of the interface is in the hot summer, contains a lot of heat and ultraviolet sunlight appears somewhat redundant. Therefore, day and night shade is a good choice. The above shade, during the day, not only can be pervious to light, exposure to strong into downy light, still can see the scenery outside; Pull the shade, strong shading sex and strong confidentiality let host during the day can also enjoy the dark quiet night, meet the light environment throughout the day. 3, the west window blinds, organ shade, pleated curtain, wooden curtain, cloth curtain made of with a western room temperature increases, especially in hot summer, the window should be often shut, or be blocked, so should choose as far as possible to the curtain of light source diffusion and blocking ultraviolet, some protection to the furniture. Venetian blinds, organ shade, pleated curtain, wooden curtain cloth curtain rod and through such processing is a good choice. 4, the north window blinds, organ curtain, curtain, cloth curtain light from the Windows of the north into the home, very uniform and bright, is one of the most emotional appeal of natural light. In order to make this kind of emotional appeal can fully retain, Venetian blinds, vertical curtain cloth and thin pervious to light organ shade, shade, and pervious to light the curtain cloth art with good effect, it is a good choice.
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