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How to choose the curtain rail?

by:Pacific     2020-04-21
The weight of the window to open the sound when determine the window rail, high quality model steel window rail LaQi when only around 43 db, the equivalent of a split type air conditioning, and inferior product open voice big and life is short. The following four gist for reference: one, the light. The weight of the window, open the sound when determines the window rail. High quality model steel window rail LaQi when only around 43 db, the equivalent of a split type air conditioning. Open voice big and short life and inferior products. Second, the slippery. Window rail LaQi smooth, slippery course of strength and bearing capacity is an important reference index of choose and buy. High quality model steel window rail pulley can bear the tension of 48 kilograms, in the case of load> 5 kg, LaQi tens of thousands of times still lighter fluid. Three, flat. Aesthetically pleasing, smooth surface, the specification error is less than 0. 15 mm, in a heated to 150 ℃ condition without bubble and mark lines, line aging change occurs, both inside and outside wall is smooth level off. Fourth, the security. By the relevant authority of detection, only products of the degree of impact, tensile strength and oxygen index, elongation at break, heat resistant up to standard, window of model steel door, the model is of high quality rail curtain rod installation essentials roof high effect is good, because is exposed to the performance of the aesthetic feeling of curtain rod, bedroom window at the top and had better have a certain height, lest produce compression visual feeling. Leave room window frame: reserve not less than 6 cm around window frame, make curtain rod in place, the curtain cloth can completely cover the window. Fabric selection: as the current most bedroom height is not very enough, in order not to make the curtain appears too stressed and heavy, had better choose those who have good sag of fabric, such as silk, yarn, fabric of this kind of material has high effect, in order to make up for the inadequacy of building height. The material feels different: curtain rod material is given priority to with metal and wood. Material is different, the style is different. Wrought iron curtain rod rod head of art, tie-in decoration cloth, silk or cotton quality used in the bedroom, the beauty and soft contrast contrast; And wooden carve rod head, give a person with a warm sense of full, using range and collocation style not too restrictive, applicable to the bedroom of all sorts of function.
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