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How to choose the right curtain rod!

by:Pacific     2020-03-07
In daily life, the curtain rod is a small detail problem in the decoration process, but the curtain rod is also good or bad. It is very important whether the appearance and style of curtain rods are in line with our decoration style. Many consumers don't know how to buy curtain rods when they buy them, so let's introduce how to buy curtain rods. Curtain selection skills 1. Curtain rod style curtain rod is mainly made of metal and wood, and the style is also different. The metal rod head is used in the bedroom with a gauze curtain, which has a strong contrast of rigid and soft contrast. The wooden head is suitable for a variety of functional rooms. To create a variety of styles, you need to choose different material curtain rods and curtain fabrics, when choosing the matching of curtain rods, it should be matched according to the color of home decoration and curtain cloth, and it should also be matched with the overall home style to choose the appearance of curtain rods so as to make the overall appearance of the room beautiful and harmonious. 2, curtain rod quality curtain rod in the selection of materials to choose a durable material. The material of the plastic is easy to age, and the color of the aluminum alloy is single. Even if the foreskin is long, it is easy to open the glue. The load-bearing performance is poor and it is not resistant to friction. If the surface of the iron is not properly treated, it is easy to drop paint and rust. Only pure stainless steel products are the best of many materials, but the price is also more expensive. 3, the process of the curtain rod when purchasing the curtain rod, the process of the curtain rod can not be ignored. For example, there are inevitably screws on the curtain rod, but they should not be too prominent, thus affecting the overall beauty of the curtain. The processing technology should be carefully checked, such as whether the surface is brushed or not, whether the color of the spray is uniform and so on. 4. The contact surface between the bracket of the curtain rod and the wall should be large and stable. The length of the screws should be suitable for the real strength. Secondly, the experience and skill of the installation workers are also critical, therefore, it is best for designers to invite workers from professional curtain rod manufacturers to come to the door for installation. Such products and services are the most secure. 5, the material of the curtain rod most of the curtain rods on the market are wooden or metal, the details of the production, the style is very different, metal curtain rods with beautiful patterns can be used with silky curtains. The strong contrast between hard and soft will produce unexpected effects. Wooden curtain rods can be matched with cotton curtains, this kind of match will give people a warm, full feeling! 6. The form of the curtain rod has the difference between the bright Rod and the dark Rod. The Rod head of the bright Rod has a beautiful pattern. When decorating, it can also beautify the curtain. The dark Rod, as the name suggests, when used to support curtains, you can't see the curtain rod. This kind of curtain rod itself has no complicated pattern, so in this society, many people no longer like the dark rod, instead, I like the bright pole more! 7, the work of the curtain rod in this society, many manufacturers in order to save costs, so some of the production of the curtain rod will cut corners, so when you buy, pay attention to the general choice of thick points. When choosing the curtain rod, the general plastic is easy to become brittle, the wood is prone to insects, and the metal may grow rust, only stainless steel curtain rods are our best choice, but there is also a small drawback, which is a little expensive! The above seven points are some small ways to buy curtain rods, hoping to help everyone, and when buying curtain rods, we must first pay attention to whether the style of curtain rods is consistent with the decoration style of our family, the second is to look at the quality of the curtain rod, and finally pay attention to the workmanship of the curtain rod.
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