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How to choose window curtain rods and curtain track?

How to choose window curtain rods and curtain track?


Window curtain rods are used to hang curtains in front of  windows. Even though there are many sizes in the most standard curtain track, if you are looking for something more complex and add elegance and style to your windows, you will find that there are many different styles to choose from. From iron bars and antique windows to beautiful gold bars with end finishes, you are sure to find the window curtain rods you are looking to give your room a unique character. However, when choosing rods for hanging curtains, you need to consider a few things before buying the first one you see.

window curtain rods

    Choose window curtain rods skills

1.Take correct measurement

Before buying window curtain rods, you should measure the windows that you are going to use. All windows have different sizes, and you will not be aware of this measurement, or you may end up returning the columns when you realize that you bought the wrong size. Measure outside the window where you are going to hang the grilles. Then you will have a great measurement through which you can buy the right rod of the right size. After you have made the window measurements, you can buy the correct curtain rod. You will find that many stores, as well as the local retail store, have window curtain rods and may even have more styles to choose from. However, if the style you are looking for is not available at your local retail store, you can visit a store that offers high-quality home furniture. When you enter the place you are wearing and with the curtains, you will find that it is likely that they will wear equipment that will also have to hang the curtains.

2. The place and type of person you want to remove

Choose the right curtain rods for each room: the choice of curtain rods indeed depends on the area in which they are used. If you intend to use curtains in the bathroom, then you should avoid wooden boards that may crack or crack under the influence of humidity and humidity. Rods made of plastic or stainless steel work wonders for bathroom windows. You should also choose a window curtain rods with an inclined bracket to close an open cabinet or to elegantly divide a large living room. Also, be sure to buy a bar for the bedroom with a corner window. Think about the curtains that you will use: before you buy anything, you need to decide on the type of curtains that you want at home. Heavy curtains will require durable grilles, such as forged grilles, which do not affect the weight of the material. You also need to install brackets under them specifically to hold thick curtains. Do you plan to have transparent panels and linen curtains? If you do this, you need to buy double fishing rods. Therefore, you must find out what you want and determine the type of fabric that you will use.

3. Consider the weight

The most important thing to consider when buying window curtain rods is the height or weight of the structure and the type of curtains used. Following the prudent principle of choosing the right support for window processing, heavier curtains require stronger supports. For example, if you have heavy taffeta curtains, you should choose handles that support the weight without being. For this type of curtain, it is worth staying away from wooden models, as they tend to fall under the weight of the load-bearing. However, you can balance the effect of escape by installing more rod holders for more even load distribution. The best solution is to choose a metal structure, such as aluminum, steel or wrought iron, which is resistant to bending. If you have smaller curtains, you can choose any support system, but remember that too large a rod can exceed the delicacy of window fabrics.

4. research

A little research on the Internet proves its worth. You will be surprised at the design, style, and size of the window curtain rods, which are easily available in the market. There are curtains, sleepers, decorative crowns, springs or wings, swings, wide bars, sleepers and canopies, magnetic bars for curtains, etc. The idea is that you have good chances of finding the right type of drapery for your home. You can use it for both because it supports all kinds of drapery. These rods pass through rings suspended from the curtains. They are available in all common materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and glass.

 Choosing curtain track for your windows

 1. The type of curtain track can be divided into three main categories:

 (i) manually operated

Here the curtains are suspended by plastic slides and open and close when fired. To avoid handling curtains, you can buy rods. Handrails are the most economical and, as a rule, durable, do not require maintenance.

 (ii) corded

These curtain tracks have a pulley system so that you can open and close the curtain by pulling the cable from the side. Wire guides prevent contamination and are useful for heavy, high and/or hard-to-reach curtains. Periodic cleaning and then spraying of grease is recommended to extend the life of the curtain track.

 (iii) electric

Electric rails open automatically, and the curtain track. They are ideal for heavy curtains, difficult to access or delicate and controlled by a wall switch or remote control. Electrical parts can be activated using light or have a watch that can be set to open and close when you need it, providing added security when you're not at home.

 2. Shape and size

 Curtain track is available for both straight and curved windows. Aluminum and PVC rails can be bent, and aluminum is preferred for rigid bends, although beware because it cannot bend, unlike PVC. Durable aluminum is usually supplied by the seller in the right shape and size. Besides, aluminum and PVC can be cut under a metal saw. When installing a curtain track in a recessed window, the rail should be slightly shorter than the available space. For external depths, leave a few inches of track on each side of the window for maximum light. Your curtain sider service provider should give you advice on the care and cleaning of your rails. If you make changes to the curtains, select the paths that you can crop or crop later to customize them. Similarly, if you later decide to add curtains or curtains, paths with additional suspension positions will be a good choice. Hooks and locking systems, various color options, accessories such as locks and locks, etc., may also be available from your service provider.


The curtain track is available in a variety of materials, such as PVC pipes, long pallets, garden equipment such as dowels and more. No matter what material you choose, make sure that it matches the decor of your room, as well as the design and style of the curtains. Most people prefer to buy items or columns with rings because of their classic quality and high style. Electric poles with these functions are specially designed for rooms, halls, and halls, where simplicity and a sense of security are the most important. With proper installation, curtain rods with rings are the best way to use them, without worrying about being hooked. Besides, they are quite durable and therefore will not easily crack or damage. Buyers may also think about the structure and color of your posts. Homeowners looking for more subtle changes, including new gliders or rings, are a better option.

Outline exactly how you would use the curtains

 Industrial curtain rods can be equipped with roller hooks, which allow the curtains to move back and forth depending on the need to pass through the zone. If you need a curtain that you need to often move aside, it is better to equip the bar with roller hooks. These roller hooks are attached to the glass at the top of the material. In fact, for every 12 inches of a curtain, there is only one roller hook.

 Determine the height of your curtains

You must tell the supplier the full height of the curtains, as they will need to determine the weight at which the track will have two supports. Curtains with a height of more than 10 meters should have brackets located every 4 meters. Curtains 10 meters or less in length usually require support every five to six meters. If you intend to install industrial curtains outside, then you must inform the supplier about this, since the design of the equipment must be resistant to corrosion. Besides, if you intend to apply for washing, you must also notify the supplier. There is a special type of installation equipment that does not collect contamination for use in clean rooms.


Typically, your curtain rods are a unique opportunity to enhance your decor while protecting your investment in curtains, curtains and other window treatments such as scales and blinds. Before deciding, it’s best to have an idea, get design ideas from websites and magazines, and then recreate the look to suit your needs. Completing a project does not have to be a complicated project, with a little care you will surely find the perfect core.