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How to disassemble the curtain track?

by:Pacific     2020-02-19
1. How to disassemble curtain track sometimes needs to be disassembled. Ordinary roller blinds are called roller blinds, which are very similar to the way curtain rails and rods are opened and closed. The whole process of rolling up and down through the coil is its principle. The current use is the most variety of curtains. Roller shutters also have their own way of disassembly and cleaning. First, the roller shutter is stored in the rotating shaft. After closing, open the clip for disassembly, remove the upper and lower beams of the roller shutter, and then spread on the ground and soak with detergent water. The steps to clean the curtain are as follows: First, remove the position of the curtain to be cleaned, and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the curtain. Some places are not easy to disassemble, pay attention to the scientific use of power. When removing the curtain, the curtain may have some small parts, such as karting falling. When removing curtains, it is recommended to use special containers to store the remaining widgets. 2. How to install curtain track when installing curtain track, there are certain requirements for height. Curtain Track installation strictly controls the height size. Curtain tracks are also distinguished from single, and three. If the window width exceeds 1200, the curtain guide rail is well disconnected. It should be noted that the fracture needs to be bent and staggered. The bending is preferably in a gentle bending state and the overlap must have a length greater than 200. Curtain Track hoisting requires a lifting clamp, then rotate the card 90 degrees to maintain full connection with the track, and then use tools such as self-tapping screws to install on the top plate. If you choose concrete structure for curtain track, please add expansion crepe carefully. Curtain tracks should have correct connection and repair methods. After installing the rod, it should be pulled to the fixing piece, and the height should be the same as the height of the room. 3. Curtain Track purchase skills curtain track purchase to know a lot of things, generally choose aluminum alloy track to do better, and can not be used to recycle materials, many cheap tracks are made of recycled materials. Surface treatment electrophoresis, smooth and easy to move. The pulley must be made of wear-resistant nylon because the pulley of the pulley is very important. The quality of the pulley directly affects the smoothness of the curtain opening and closing, and the nylon pulley is very wear-resistant. Now many pulleys are made of plastic. It will not break for a long time and get stuck in the track. The pull ring of the pulley should be stainless steel or nylon, so that it will not pollute the curtain, because most of the pulleys are iron rings, it is easy to rust, and then install the bracket. Good mounting brackets are usually made of steel plates of 1MM or more. Nylon snaps are easy to install. Please note that the size here is not the width of the window, but the width of the curtain.
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