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How to distinguish the quality of the curtain track?

by:Pacific     2020-03-07
There are many kinds of curtain tracks on the market, which are divided into two series of bright rails and dark rails. The bright rails have wooden rods, aluminum alloy rods and steel pipe rods. Dark rails include: Nano tracks, aluminum alloy tracks, and silent tracks. Regardless of the material, the first element of the track is smooth, the installation code is firm, and the accessories will not pollute the curtains. First, the dark rail, profile: the track should be made of pure aluminum alloy, and there can be no return material. Many cheap tracks are made of return material. Taking aluminum alloy as the top, the so-called nano track is actually plastic, but it has changed its name. It will age and break after long-term use and belongs to short-term use products. There are many kinds of aluminum alloy tracks. The surface treatment includes oxidation, spraying and Electrophoresis. The raw materials are raw aluminum alloy. Many cheap aluminum alloy tracks are made of recycled materials. Electrophoresis is the best surface treatment, the surface is smooth, does not fade, and facilitates the movement of the pulley. Pulley: There are two categories of plastic and nylon. Most of the plastics are made of recycled materials. The surface is dull and rough, and it will break and age soon. The material of the pulley is ABS and POM. We recommend using POM Pulley. POM is a super wear-resistant resin with long service life. The pull ring is generally bent with ordinary iron wire, which will rust and pollute the curtains after a long time. The good pulley is made of wear-resistant original nylon, smooth and Burr-free, and smooth by hand. The pull ring is made of 304 stainless steel and can be distinguished by a magnet when you choose. Installation Code: generally use 0. The thickness of 5MM is ordinary coating, the pressing plate is made of recycled plastic, which is easy to rust and damage. A good installation code is the guarantee of the track firmness, and 1. 0MM steel plate, using nylon platen, the surface is strictly pickling, cleaning, scaling, cleaning process, painting is firm, easy to install. Rail cover [Cover] : Generally, the cheap track is made of recycled plastic, the surface is dim and has no toughness. The excellent cover is made of high-quality ABS, the surface is smooth, and the trademark and text are clear. Packing: Generally, the track packaging is simple and unpackaged. Good tracks will use well-printed PE bags. In the purchase is not to covet the cheap track, to compare it from the above aspects, the track is the foundation of the curtain, a good track is smooth and firm. Second, the Ming rail, now installed more Ming rail, the so-called Ming rail is the general designation of Roman rail and decorative rail, Ming rail according to the material has aluminum alloy, solid wood, steel pipe three categories. 1. Solid wood decorative rail: it is common and has various colors. It can be divided into transparent color and covering color according to the type. Basically, it depends on the surface treatment, whether it is smooth and whether the paint is uniform, whether the shape of the decorative head is symmetrical, etc. , the solid wood decorative rail has two kinds of silencer strips and no silencer strips. There is basically no difference, because the number of curtains opened and closed is not several times a day. 2, aluminum alloy decorative track: there are more on the market, the difference between the quality as long as the wall thickness can be seen, the good wall is relatively thick in 1. 5 MM-2 MM. Secondly, look at the design of the pull ring. Many aluminum alloy decorative rails have pull grooves on the upper and lower parts of the track. In fact, it is a fake decorative rail design. The pull ring of the real decorative Rod slides directly on the rod, the poor decorative Rod uses a pull ring of recycled plastic, and the manufacturing process is rough. 3. Steel pipe decorative Rod: Commonly known as wrought iron rod, surface treatment includes spraying, electroplating, diameter 16 MM, 19 MM, 20 MM, 25 MM, etc. The quality depends on the quality of spraying and electroplating, the thickness of the steel plate of the mounting foot and the thickness of the pipe wall.
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