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How to distinguish the quality of the dark track?

by:Pacific     2020-03-04
There are a variety of curtain tracks on the market, divided into two series: bright iron and dark rail. The Ming railway has wooden poles, aluminum rods and steel rods. The dark track has Nano track, aluminum alloy track and silent track. Regardless of the material, the first element of the curtain track is smooth, the installation code is strong, and the accessories will not pollute the curtain. The dark rail is on the aluminum alloy. The so-called nano rail is actually a plastic, but the name changes. It will age and break for a long time. It is a product for short-term use. There are many kinds of aluminum alloy tracks. The surface treatment is oxidation, spraying and Electrophoresis. The raw materials are made of original aluminum alloy. Many cheap aluminum alloy tracks are made of recycled materials. The electrophoretic surface treatment is better, the surface is smooth and does not fade. There are two types of pulleys, plastic and nylon. Most plastics are made of recycled materials. The surface is rough and rough. It will break and age in a short time. Its ring is usually bent by ordinary lines. It rusts and pollutes the curtains for a long time. The high-quality pulley is made of wear-resistant, Natural Nylon, smooth and Burr-free, smooth and flat. The pull ring is made of 304 stainless steel and can be distinguished by magnets when selected. Generally speaking, the installation code has a thickness of 0. 5mm, the plate is made of recycled plastic, easy to rust and damage. A good installation code is a firm guarantee of the track. Should use 1. Made of 0MM steel plate and nylon plate, the surface is strictly pickled, cleaned, scaled, cleaned, and the coating is firm and easy to install. Iron cover [Cover] Usually cheap tracks are made of recycled plastic with dull surface and no toughness. The high-quality shell is made of high-quality ABS with smooth surface and clear logo and text. The packaging track is simple and unpackaged. A good track will use a well-printed PE bag. It is not cheap to buy the track. From the above aspects, the track is the foundation of the curtain. The track is smooth and strong, which can save you a lot.
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