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How to extend steel curtain rings warranty?
Wenzhou Pacific light industry co., LTD. temporarily haven't related to warranty specific policy about steel curtain rings.In this way, we hope our customers will feel more comfortable with their orders. But please note that from Chinese manufacturers, the warranty cost is usually included in the price of the product whereas an extended warranty costs extra and is sold separately. You shall consider whether the product will require repair and the possible cost of such repairs. It is suggested that customers make a decision at the time of purchase, or within a few more days or weeks to return to us and purchase the extension.

Pacific is a company engaging in the production of cafe curtain rod. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers in the domestic market. Pacific focuses on providing a variety of curtain pole brackets for customers. The optical lens of Pacific iron curtain rods and finials has undergone a series of quality tests such as transmittance capacity and lighting gathering capacity which are vital for illumination effect. The product causes no noise during the pulling of the curtain. This product has a long lifespan, enabling users to eliminate the hassles of climbing up a ladder or a pole to replace the old bulb. Thus, it helps users cut energy costs. The product is perfect for home décor due to its contemporary style.

The implementation of cast iron curtain rods will improve the competitiveness of our company. Please contact.
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