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How to identify curtain tracks?

by:Pacific     2020-03-06
For a long time, the curtain rods have been used as a matching role under the aura of the fabric. No one really pays attention to its workmanship and quality. No one cares if it is a good brand, no one cares whether the bearing capacity of this rod is enough? Will it be deformed after half a year? Is the pull good? The material is the real core of the material or the low-end material. In such a big environment, how can we identify high-end curtain rods and low-end curtain rods? The following small series will give you a scientific popularization. As long as you understand these basic common sense, it will not be ignored in the purchase process, and it will not be bought at the price of high-end curtain rods. You pay attention to the following points, you can buy a good curtain rod with reasonable price and guaranteed quality. 1. Aluminum depends on the wall thickness, 1. The bearing capacity above wall thickness can meet the basic requirements; 2. It is best to support the inner hole with support, usually with support will be more tolerant; 3. See if the surface is bright, whether the color is uniform, whether there are scratches, whether there is damage; 4. See if it is sprayed when the electrophoresis is sold, whether it is fully equipped; 5. Whether the bracket is strong enough, the bracket is usually better if it is iron and aluminum. 6. If the grade of the product is distinguished from the material alone, the curtain rods made of aluminum and glass fiber reinforced plastic will be selected first, followed by the curtain rods made of iron and iron coated with plastic, and the material of pure plastic steel will be selected again, of course, we can't generalize. The above products also have good quality brands, but they have been smashed by the imitators; 7. Quiet, super-smooth, wear-resistant window rails, you can know the effect when you pull it, and it is completely different from the poor quality window rails; 8. When we buy curtain fabrics, it is important to choose fabrics, but please don't ignore the Poles, because the poles are also part of the beauty of the home. The cloth and the Poles complement each other, A good pole can bring out the beauty of the cloth.
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