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How to install curtain rod is safe and beautiful?

by:Pacific     2020-03-14
After choosing a suitable curtain, one of the biggest problems is how to install the curtain rod. There are also many methods and problems to be paid attention to in the installation of curtain rods. With this strategy, you can solve many of your problems. Come and have a look. I. Installation steps of curtain rod: 1. Line, take the support to be installed as a standard, draw a standard line, and then draw the line where the support is located and the line where the hole is punched according to this standard line. If the curtain you choose has three supports, the middle one is in the middle of the wall or window, and the distance from the supports on both sides is equal. The positions of the supports on both sides should be a certain distance away from the wall. 2. When the hole is fixed, the hole will be punched. Pay attention to the intensity when drilling holes, the general depth is 3. 5-About 5 cm will be fine. In the process of drilling, one must concentrate and cannot tilt one's eyes. Of course, we should also pay attention to our own safety. Because there are wires and water pipes hidden in the wall, remember to avoid these places when punching holes. After drilling, remember to press the plastic expansion pipe into the hole. 3. When installing the rod and fixing the curtain support, professional self-tapping should be used to put the rings into the curtain rod and leave a ring on both sides of the curtain rod. After that, press the curtain rod into the open support. Adjust the curtains so that the distance between the two decorative heads and the walls on both sides is equal. 4. Hang the curtain, put the hook in the curtain rod, and hang the other side of the hook into the hole of the ring. Pull the rings left and right to see if the curtain is smooth and the curtains on both sides are equal, and then fine-tune the curtains. Second, the installation of curtain rod essentials 1. Level with the development of the economy, the house price is more and more expensive, but the spirit of the craftsman is also less and less, the quality of the House is getting worse, especially some affordable housing. The roof of the house is extremely inclined, and the wall is still trapezoidal. When installing curtains at this time, it is best to use a level ruler or a horizontal tube to determine the installation position. 2. The roof is efficient and good because the curtain rod leaks outside and plays a decorative role, so there must be a certain distance between the top of the House and the curtain rod, otherwise it will be visually affected. When installing on the wall, keep the Roman pole at an appropriate distance from the roof or ceiling so as not to make people feel depressed. Moreover, the Roman pole should also keep a certain distance from the wall, so as to reduce the friction between the curtain cloth and the wall surface, and the curtain cloth can be kept as clean as possible. 3. The left and right window frames with room should reserve some positions so that the head of the curtain rod can have a position and the curtain cloth can completely block the windows. The should also be separated from the wall by a certain distance. The correct installation method will make the curtain rod play its due role.
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