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How to install custom curtain rails?

by:Pacific     2020-03-04
How to install custom curtain rails? Usually home decoration curtains are customized, many people don't care, let alone know what problems should pay attention to the installation of curtains. In fact, curtains as a large item of soft clothing can not be ignored. When my family used to decorate, because they didn't understand, the curtains they bought were all matched. Many merchants just saw this and put it in some cheap ones. It will certainly not see the effect in a short period of time, but after a long period of time, the curtain guide rail will appear and get stuck. So, how should curtain rails and rods be installed? single, double, three tracks, in general, curtain rails and rods installation, need to first position, measure the fixed hole distance, determine the size of the curtain guide rail installation. It should be noted here that the curtain box should be tracked first, the rear tracking of the dark curtain box should be tracked, and heavy curtain tracks should be added with machine screws. In addition, if the width of the curtain exceeds 1. 2 m, the curtain guide rail should be disconnected, and the disconnection will be staggered. When installing the lifting clip, rotate the clip 90 degrees to connect it to the guide rail, and then use self-tapping screws to install the lifting clip to the top plate. If it is a concrete structure, expansion wire needs to be added. When installing the curtain rod, the connecting clamp shall be corrected first, and the rod or wire shall be connected to the fixing piece. Attention must be paid to the details of these installations. In addition, in the process of installing curtains, care should be taken not to be hollow, otherwise the veneer will easily rupture during drilling. If the balcony is equipped with curtains, the style of the window should be considered. Balcony floor-to-ceiling windows are installed differently from ordinary windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows usually use curtains hanging on the table top, so before installation, please remember to avoid the problem of curtains being blocked during sagging, which will greatly affect the appearance. The installation method of the top-mounted curtain track is to select the curtain track during decoration and installation: it is recommended to install it after the acceptance of the wall painter. Top-mounted curtain track installation method, first, the curtain track has a single track, double track and three tracks. If you use side-mounted curtain tracks, you must pay attention to the width of the window. If the window width is too long, the curtain track should be disconnected, and the smooth curve should be staggered at the break, so the effect of the curtain track is very good. Second, it means that the curtain track is installed, and its lifting clamp also has a installation method. For example, when installing, the clamp should rotate 90 degrees with the track, and then the self-tapping screw is used to install the lifting clamp on the top plate. Yes. It can be said that the curtain rods are installed very well. It is mainly used to connect fixed parts. It is very simple, just like putting the rod on the fixed part, it can balance and master the height of the room during the installation process. Here is some information about curtain track installation. One point that needs special attention here is that 'curtain track installation methods and techniques' should mainly pay attention to whether the curtain track is close to the wall, if this purpose is not achieved during the installation process. It is easy to break the veneer when drilling, so be sure to pay attention to this.
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