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How to install electric curtain track?

How to install electric curtain track?


The installation of electric curtain track is more complicated than the installation of ordinary curtain track, so it is difficult to install the electric curtain track. Pacific curtain track supplier will introduce how to install the electric curtain track.

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Method of installing electric curtain track

1. Location, measurement

1). First, measure the size of the fixed hole spacing and the required installation track.

2). The total track length is the sum of the motor, track length and the auxiliary drive box.

2. Install lifting clips

After the clip is connected to the track by rotating 90°, install the lifting clip to the roof with self-tapping screws.

3. The motor is connected to the track

1). Put the electricity 90° into the main transmission box; (note: the flat rotating shaft of the main drive box should be consistent with the interface of the motor.)

2). Rotate the motor clockwise by 90°;

3). After the rotation is in place, push the insert into the driving box to the limit position, it will be locked automatically, and the motor will be connected with the driving box. Complete the connection. Note: do not energize the motor until it is connected, so as not to damage the motor.

4. Motor program regulation

Motor tail end is equipped with a set of gear and micro switch device, motor wiring requirements to achieve positive and reverse, so as to achieve curtain opening, closing stroke of self-positioning. The installation procedure of electric curtain track is more complex, if can ask a worker to install so, had better not begin work oneself, lest damage the fittings such as curtain motor, cause unnecessary loss.

Electric curtain track mounting dimensions

1. Electric curtain track installation dimension is very critical, electric curtain track installation size depends on the specific situation, but in general situation, eldest brother electric curtain track installation size is about 12 to 15 cm, if this is a kind of double electric curtain curtain, electric curtain track installation size is about 18 to 20 cm long.

2. But the type that electric curtain track installs a dimension to see a curtain even and dimension size, if the dimension of electric curtain is partial to the kind of large wave window curtain, single-layer electric curtain track installs a dimension to be about 18 centimeters, and double layer electric curtain track installs a dimension to be about 25-30 centimeters, see specific curtain.

Electric curtain track features

Profile: aluminum alloy for the top, the so-called nanometer orbit, is actually plastic, just changed a name, long-term use will aging, fracture, belongs to the short-term use of products. The electric curtain track variety that aluminium alloy makes is more, surface treatment has oxidation, spray, electrophoresis, raw material is on with original aluminium alloy, a lot of cheap aluminium alloy track is made with again raw material, surface treatment is best with electrophoresis, the surface is smooth, do not fade.

Pulley: have plastic and nylon 2 kinds big, of plastic mostly use again raw material, the surface is dull and coarse, with not long can be broken and ageing, its pull ring USES common iron wire to bend commonly, time grows can rust, pollute the curtain, good pulley USES the original nylon of wear-resisting to make, smooth do not have burr.

How to install the top curtain track

Ceiling curtain is directly installed on the roof above, installation above relatively simple, specific ceiling curtain track how to install, installation steps are as follows:

1. Determine orbital altitude

Before installation of overhead curtain track, should measure height dimension first, according to the width of the window and height, next draw a line to locate the height that curtain track needs to install. Want to notice at the same time when the window is wide at 1200mm, curtain rail laps length should want to be greater than 200mm.

2. Curtain rail lifting

After the orbit height is determined, it is necessary to install the lifting clip. First turn the clip 90 degrees to connect to the track, then use the self-tapping screw to install the lifting clip to the top of the roof. But if the curtain track belongs to the concrete structure, it needs to add the expansion screws.

3. Curtain track fixation

Track fixed to pay attention to the fastness, the curtain rod or wire installed, pull on the fixed parts, do with the flat, with the room elevation is consistent. Standard curtain track is installed next, double track width is above 15CM commonly, monorail can undertake reducing according to appropriate circumstance.

4. Curtain track regulation

After the curtain track is fixed and installed, pay attention to adjust the position of the track even, should give the width of the windowsill when paying attention to the top of the track, in order to avoid the curtain droop when blocked and appear inelegant.

Above introduced curtain track how to install detailed step, very good introduction curtain track how to install the problem, just pay attention to the method that the track installs even in actual installation, in order to have the right good curtain track.

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