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How to install roller shutter curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-03-17
First, the roller shutter curtain rod installation skills 1, curtain box installation is mainly to find a good place, draw the size line serious, embedded parts installation accuracy. Before installation, The Scribing line must be accurate, and the installation of the measuring ruler must make the elevation consistent and the center line accurate. 2. When installing the curtain box, the size should be the same on both sides. 3. To avoid the cracking of the curtain track, the thickness of the cover plate should not be less than 15mm, and the cover plate thinner than should be fixed with machine screws. 4. The wood is very dry when raw materials are used, and it will be stored in damp after admission. Paint it once when installing. II. Precautions for installation of roller shutter curtain rod 1. Do not step on the radiator and window sill during installation, and do not knock on the window sill to prevent damage. 2. Brush a bottom paint immediately after the curtain box is installed to avoid moisture deformation or water pollution during wet operations such as plastering and spraying. 3, curtain rod or lead wire to avoid nicks, processed products should be properly kept to avoid moisture caused by deformation. Expert tip: When folding up the roller shutter curtain, you must first turn the roller shutter curtain to the horizontal surface of the wall and then rush to it; If you want to pause halfway or at last, turn the rope to the left 45 degrees and the whole curtain will be fastened automatically. 3. Installation steps of roller shutter curtain 1. Installation of roller shutter accessories requires about the direction of the head and the horizontal direction of the pull bead. The head is about interchangeable. The head can be installed according to the owner's hobbies or the convenience of home placement. The bead-pulling head can be rotated, corresponding to the side-mounted and top-mounted pull-up use respectively. 2. Head installation there are two methods for head installation, corresponding to two installation schemes respectively. (1) External installation compare the finished product with the window. After finding a suitable position, mark the position of the head screw on the window frame or the wall, and tighten the head on the window frame or the wall with the screw, and lift the rotatable module of making neck without pulling beads. (2) Inside put the finished roller shutter in the window frame, after finding the suitable position, mark the position of the head screw on the top of the window frame, and respectively lock the head on the top of the window frame with screws, and lift the rotatable module of making neck without pulling beads. 3, install the track (1) First put the right end of the upper rail into the head with pulling beads, and then put the left end of the upper rail into the head without pulling beads. (2) Fasten the lifted rotatable module and confirm that the roller shutter will not fall off or travel easily, then the installation has been completed. (3) Gently pull down the bead curtain on the front side, and the roller shutter will illuminate automatically. (4) Pull the bead curtain on the back side downward to control the sliding of the roller shutter.
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