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How to install the curtain guide rail?

by:Pacific     2020-02-29
must be installed like this, otherwise the wall will suffer and cry too late! installation should be fixed, otherwise it is really a headache, don't ask me how to know, I just want to tell you how to install curtain guide rail in the home improvement process is the most reliable! Everyone should know that curtain rails and rods are divided into monorail, double-track and multi-track. But you know that when the window width exceeds 1200mm, the curtain guide should be opened and staggered; Bending should be a gentle curve and the overlapping length should not be less than 200mm? The white decoration is definitely the same as when I first started. The order in which the rails are installed varies depending on the type of curtain box. The curtain box is first installed on the track. Secondly, the curtain guide rail should be equipped with machine screws. If your home is a dark curtain box, the small angle of the installation track and curtain guide rail should be encrypted. The size of the wood screw should not be less than 300mm. When installing the lifting clamp, it is necessary to rotate the clamp 90 degrees to connect with the guide rail, and then use the self-tapping screw to install the lifting clamp to the top plate; If your house is a rolling concrete structure, you need to add expansion screws. Standard curtain rails and rods, the base width of the double track generally exceeds 15 cm; The monorail can be appropriately reduced according to the actual situation. Some houses are floor curtains or curtains that fall on the counter. Then we should first release the width of the window sill when installing the guide rail, so as not to affect the appearance. Finally, the accuracy of curtain guide rail positioning will affect the installation of curtains after us. Therefore, we need to measure the hole spacing according to the installation needs to determine the size of the track during the positioning process. What are the details of the workmanship and craftsmanship of the curtains? 1. The sides of the curtains on the side of the curtains are not straight, the edges are not tilted, the outer is not turned out, the width of the side seams is the same, and the straight line is straight. The side of the curtain is usually the key point of the curtain display. If the side seam width is different and the stitch is not straight, the curtain will be deformed. Eversion, handstand or curl. The standard for the side of the curtain is 4 cm on the side, the error is 1mm, and the side is 10 stitches per 3 cm. Make sure the finished curtain is not warped, there is no warp, and the board is front. 2. The horizontal stitching of the horizontal stitching curtain process is not on the same horizontal line, whether the lace is on the same horizontal line, and whether the height is inconsistent. Horizontal splicing is also the main difficulty in curtain production. Poor production, which will lead to distortion and unevenness of curtains. All joints of the curtain are locked and then wrapped. In this way, the curtains will not be twisted and the production process will be more upscale. 3. Whether the vertical splicing of curtains is smooth and whether the vertical splicing of twisted curtains is the main difficulty in curtain production. Uneven stitching can lead to distortion, eversion, etc. 4. There are not many broken lines, and there are not many thread ends. If there are too many end ends, the curtains will affect the beauty of the curtains.
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