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How to install the curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-05-24
rod installation method 1, determine the installation position of well curtain rod, curtain rod installation location, including the installation of the width and height. Width, can be determined by the width of the window, the 20 - more than on both sides of the window width 30 cm. Installation height, has the rising stem and the non-rising stem, stem the installation height of the middle, on the top of the ceiling to the curtain non-rising stem is at the top of the curtain in the position, or side mounted on any position of the curtain in the box. 2, positioning holes due to considering the fixed firmly, to avoid fixed spacing is too large and withstand the tension, first have to calculate the fixed pitch, common fixed distance & le; 50 cm, then draw line location and operation. When going to install a fixed position, the need for drilling operation, the expansion screw to fill in. If it is a wood base, then no drilling, direct use of self-tapping screws to fix. 3, install the curtain rod for Rome pole, ps has been completed, can first fixed installation. Then install the pole placed in the rack. track installation method 1, curtain rail height: before install the curtain track, the first thing to measure the height of good installation size. Curtains have single, double or triple orbit, when the window width & gt; 1200 mm, the curtain rail should be disconnected, disconnect simmer bending stagger, simmer bending should be flat curve, the length of lap shall not less than 200 mm. Ming curtain box of window installed orbit first commonly, should add heavy curtain rail machine screw, dark curtain rod box of window shall be installed after the track. Heavy curtain rail small Angle should be encrypted spacing, the specifications of the wood screw & ge; 30mm。 2, curtain rail hoisting: to install lifting clamp, the clamp rotated 90 & deg; After linking to the track, using the self tapping screws to lifting clamp installation son above the roof. If the curtain rail is concrete structure, need to add expansion screws. 3, curtain rail is fixed: after the curtain rod rail connecting fixed well, install the rod or wire, and pull on the fixed pieces, to achieve, is consistent with room level standard. track installation standards ( Dual track) And its curtain rail foundation width above 15 cm, usually of monorail is reduced according to the actual situation. 4, curtain track adjustment: still need to adjust the position of the curtain track, floor type curtain or curtain hanging over the table, should release the width of the window when install the curtain track, avoid the curtain droop when less tasteful. Therefore, adjusting the curtain track installation location is necessary. 5, in addition, the curtain track installation also note stick metope, can't is hollow, otherwise boring when the cover is easy to crack. track installation fixed to the wall, good things will impact drill hole type and customizing wood, then orbit is fixed on the wood.
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