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How to install the curtain rod to be safer?

by:Pacific     2020-02-24
The walls of modern buildings, especially those with windows and built-in thermal insulation, usually have weak bearing capacity. The curtain rod is installed on the inner wall of the insulating material. In order to save trouble, some construction workers often fix the curtain rod on the gypsum board of the heat insulation wall when installing it, which is prone to curtain rod falling. Next, I will discuss with you how to install curtain rods to make them safer. First, when installing the curtain rod, it must be constructed in the correct way. If the insulation layer on the outer wall of the curtain is thicker, the editor reminds the owner that when installing the curtain, a small wooden edge should be embedded in the wall, and then the curtain rod should be fixed on the wooden block. This will make the curtain rod more secure in contact with the wall and avoid looseness. Second, when installing curtain rods or curtain tracks, the height of the bedroom and living room is preferably higher than 2. To avoid compressing the line of sight. When choosing curtains, it is best to choose fabrics with good sagging, silk or yarn quality. This kind of curtain hanging on the window often has the effect of high space, which can effectively compensate for the depression caused by insufficient height. Three, choose the appropriate curtain rod material: In general, the curtain rod material is mainly made of metal and wood, and the curtain rod matching curtains of different materials should also be different. Forged Iron Curtain rods with silk or gauze curtains can produce soft and strong contrast. Wooden curtain rods usually have a warm texture and there are many types of curtains to choose from. The owner can choose according to his own preferences. Finally, do not put fragile items under the curtain rod. No matter what kind of material curtain rod the owner chooses to decorate, it is best not to put fragile items under the curtain rod. Even if the curtain rod quality and construction process are qualified, it cannot be avoided to fall off for a long time. Therefore, it is best not to place fragile items under the curtain rod to prevent the curtain rod from falling into crushing.
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