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How to install the Roman Rod and choose the Roman Rod?

by:Pacific     2020-03-03
1. Measurement, marking. If one of the steps to install the curtain Roman rod is to prepare the tool. Then the second curtain Roman rod installation step is to measure and line. The data we want to measure are the length of curtain Rome and the width of window. However, we need to pay attention to the method of installing curtain Roman rods. When the line passes through, the mounting bracket is used as the standard for marking, and attention should be paid to the positioning line and hole line of the bearing. 2. A punch. First use an impact drill to drill holes in the wall. Use the mounting bracket as a standard Scriber. Draw the supporter location line and hole location line. The typical Roman rod is over 2. 5 m, 3 bearings, the Middle bearing is located in the center of the window or wall, and both ends must be equidistant. The bearings at both ends are about 15-from the wall-Natural 20 cm. 3. Mounting Rod, bearing with self-tapping fastening; The lifting ring enters the rod, and the lifting ring is divided into two parts, 1-at both ends-2 rings; Press the Roman rod into the opening clip and adjust it so that the end of the two heads is the same distance from the wall. II. How to choose Roman rod 1. The wall thickness of the curtain rod can resist deformation: generally, Roman rod manufacturers often use materials on their hands and feet in order to cut corners. The thinner the wall thickness, the smaller the bearing capacity of the rod, and more accidents may occur in the future. It is recommended that the designer ask the salesperson when selecting more products, or delete the decorative head (Commonly known as flower head)And observe its essence through phenomena. Generally speaking, the thicker the better. 2. Hardware, technology should not be ignored: it is recommended that consumers must purchase the decorative head (Commonly known as flower head) Remove and observe the internal structure. Generally speaking, the thicker the better. Choose durable products. Plastic products are easy to age; Wood products are prone to erosion, cracking, and thicker long hanging curtains are more likely to bend and feel embarrassed when the curtains are closed; Aluminum products have a single color and aluminum alloy has a long and easy packaging time. Open plastic, poor bearing performance, not resistant to friction; If the surface treatment of iron products is not suitable, it is easy to drop paint; Only pure stainless steel products are really superior in many materials, but they are expensive. Each of our families has a Roman pole. It is used to hang curtains. So how to choose the Roman pole and how to choose the Roman pole? I think everyone can get to know them by introducing the above small series.
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