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How to make the fan Roman shade?

by:Pacific     2020-07-04
Roman shade in fact it is a new kind of decoration, according to the different shape, Roman shade also has a lot of classification, such as folding, fan form and wave and so on. Now, many furniture or hotels and restaurants light entertainment leisure places are prefer to choose the Roman shade because Roman shade adornment effect is very good, can build a more warm effect. Fan a Roman shade making method: Roman shade size just to cover the window frame, the Roman shade measurement must be accurate, measurement, which the three dimensions. Other than Roman shade's production, for example: a single Roman shade width are 1. Within 5 m, so only consider when calculating the length, with a cloth. Calculation method for: 1 * ( High window + free edge) = the fabric width 1 m number assumes that cloth. 50 m, wide finished curtain rod specifications: 1. 20 m * 1 high. 50 m calculation method for: 1 * 1. 50 ( Window of high) + 0. 20 ( Free edge) = 1. In the 70 m cloth: as the Roman shade to wear in the aluminum bar, long with pleating cloth in the fabric. High calculation method is: the curtain + 0. 04m( Each fold cloth) * fold number = the number of meters of cloth that is needed for the cloth long: 1. 50m( tall) + 0. 04m( Each fold cloth) * 4 plait = 1. 66 m, width: 1. 2 m in aluminum strip on the back of the Roman shade, sewing rings, vertical column spacing for 25 About 2 to 30 cm, horizontal direction Three equal parts. Each vertical column rings with tethered, production is completed.
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