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How to measure and install the Roman Rod curtain guide rail?

by:Pacific     2020-02-17
Windows play a particularly important role in modern home life; Windows cannot be separated from curtains. There are many curtains on the market now, all kinds of colors are available; When it comes to curtains, there are endless topics. Different people have different views on curtains. People think of curtains. Many people will judge the color of the curtains. Some people like light colors, some like dark colors, others like bright colors and various colors also represent that people's different preferences are often beautiful. To install curtains, curtain rods are inseparable. There are many kinds of curtains, and the curtain rods are the same; Curtain rods are not free. The width and width of the curtain rod must be designed to be the width of the curtain, which complements each other. The style and charm of curtains can be expressed in the most vivid way. In particular, what is the price of the Roman Rod curtain guide rail of the curtain rod? The curtain rod is not a big project, the sample tool, its price is definitely not high, now the price of the curtain rod can buy tens of yuan, and the better point is only one hundred yuan, so everyone doesn't have to think about how expensive the problem is when buying curtain rods. How to install curtain Roman Rod curtain guide rail? First of all, you must consider the length of the curtain rod. The width of the window determines the span of the curtain. The span of the curtain also determines the length of the curtain rod. Curtains cannot be too long or too short, so they must be moderate; So everyone is buying the curtain. The span is determined before the curtain of the Roman rod. Where is the elegance of the Roman Rod? Why do so many people use Roman rods in the decoration of people's home curtains? What are the advantages of the Roman Rod? 1. Just like elegant lighting and hardware are usually called Room jewelry, the Roman rod is like a perfect coat wiping off a set of clothes. Without the Roman rod, a room can feel unfinished, and, we dare say, a little uncomfortable. In other words, a window should not be just a set of plastic shutters or ready-made. Window processing. When it comes to Roman rods, customization is the key, just like the difference between a professionally cut jacket and a suit, the Roman rod itself has a lot of advantages. 2. When it comes to Roman rods and shadows, there are several basic rules to follow. The craftsmanship of some Roman rod manufacturers in the design world is also very good, even well known among fashion lovers. For example, we know that it is a classic rule of thumb to hang the Roman Rod higher and wider to make the window look bigger. However, each window is different and needs its own special attention. This is when we come in, there is a lot of inspiration to help you navigate the world's window coverage. Continue to scroll our favorite skills of hanging Roman rods and Roman rods. Unless you are designing a bedroom, you may not need dim tones. Instead, choose transparent fabrics to let light in and create a natural breeze look.
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