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How to use curtain box of window? Price of curtain box of window

by:Pacific     2020-06-04
box of window, including the box body, the bracket and slipway, its characteristics and back at the bottom of the box body is respectively along the length direction of ramp and installation groove structure. Stents have to match the box body installation groove of the clasps structure or the structure shape and convex head column structure or groove. The utility model is characterized by: using an extrusion molding process to produce curtain box of window for manufactured goods, can buy directly from the market; One curtain box of window itself with slide structure and installation of tank, easy installation, save time and effort, economical and practical, can be replaced. Box body surface is smooth, no seams, hanging wheel sliding in the slide is smooth, modelling beautiful box before body panel. So how appropriate curtain box of window size? Install the curtain box of window? How many curtain box of window price? There are two forms of what is curtain box of window curtain box of window. Is a kind of room has a ceiling, curtain box of window should be hidden inside condole top, complete with it when to do condole top, the other is a room without condole top, fixed on the wall, curtain box of window and the window frame as a whole. box structure is simpler, construction easy. rod can be divided into two categories: rising stem and the non-rising stem. Stem: is that you can see the rod color and decorative head ( Commonly known as the first) Modelling of the curtain rod. Because it conforms to the modern society light is repaired, heavy adornment of popular trend, are welcome and accepted by more and more families. Non-rising stem, in contrast to the stem, often in the curtain rod box of window, people can't see the pole itself easily. This way of decorating already more and more out of style, is gradually be eliminated by age. Except for the length of the curtain box of window curtain box of window size: joint type curtain box of window length is consistent with metope, usually is determined by the width of the window, usually 15 - longer than the Windows on each side 18 cm, 30 cm wider than the window - namely 36cm。 box of window clearance size including width and height. Width: double-track when loading should be 18 cm; Monorail when loading for 14 cm. ( If the width is not enough, will cause bad cloth curtain too tightly pull open/close; On the other hand, through the big wide, curtains and curtain box of window due to the large clearance affect beautiful. ) 1 curtain box of window curtain box of window of the installation points. There are two forms of wooden curtain box of window is a kind of room has a ceiling, curtain rod box of window should be hidden inside condole top, when to do condole top with it. Is another room ceiling, curtain box of window fixed on the wall, and the window frame as a whole. A, wooden curtain box of window curtain box of window of construction preparation 1, wooden curtain box of window materials: red, white pine and hard miscellaneous wood drying material. 2, hardware accessories: wall curtain rail, rail, rail card, big Angle, small Angle, roller, wood screws, machine screws, iron, etc. You also need to metal curtain rod. 3, used tools: electric hand power stations and small electric table saw and manual with large plane and small plane, groove plane, hand saws, screwdriver, chisels, punch, hacksaw, etc. Price of curtain box of window curtain box of window price: made of wood, curtain box of window, now on the market price is about 300 yuan, paint. To accurately estimate the dosage of the curtain, the curtain must first understand the market CheFu: door: picture for 2 more commonly. 82. 9 meters wide, commonly known as fixed high bought on the open market highly sure, calculate the width of the curtain can calculate the consumption. Suggest you use the height at the balcony in the sitting room the bedroom that large window area. Uneven not straight curtain box of window curtain box of window installation uneven, not 1, curtain box of window installation shall not be trampled radiator fin and window sill board, it is forbidden to tap on the window sill board into touch in case of damage. box of window before installation a bottom paint in time, prevent the plaster, spray wet homework be affected with damp be affected with damp, such as deformation or pollution.
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