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How will you choose high quality curtains for you

by:Pacific     2020-05-17
| how selected curtain rod & gt;>> Material is qualitative curtain rod is to use items for a longer time, must choose the material of solid and durable, lest often after the change. So, don't choose: plastic, aluminum alloy and iron. This is because the plastic aging more quickly; Aluminium alloy is too single, bearing quality is poorer, after a long time does easy to glue; And iron rust easy off paint. The curtain rod rod material should be the best choice of pure stainless steel, but the price is more expensive.>>> rod structure is divided into single and dual track two kinds, monorail is only hang a curtain; Dual-track can be installed on both sides. Advised to choose a dual-track, one side can install screen window, a thick curtain.>>> rail track is divided into two kinds of light rail and dark rail. Ming rail curtain rod adornment sex is strong, construction is convenient, need not do curtain box of window in advance. Defect is sliding not smooth, dark rail and thick curtain, will cause deformation. Exposed more ugly dark tracks, the need to do beforehand curtain box of window. Advantage is slippery course is more smoothly, and the bearing capacity is good, suitable for heavy curtain. Advised to choose a dark tracks, but less decorative, the rest are advantages. | how to choose the fabric of the curtain fabric is generally divided into the following four types: cotton/linen: suitable for contracted style decoration, defect is easy to wrinkle, pervious to light, shrinking. Velvet/velour: is suitable for the decoration style luxury, feel is very good. Cotton: easy to wrinkle, easy shrink, exaggerated point about wash is expected to be a half way, is not recommended to choose from. The curtain of polyester: now on the market basically is this kind of fabric, because it does not shrink, good wash. On the choice of fabrics suggested to be decided according to particular case of the room, the sitting room, the sitting room of large appropriate USES the ground cloth curtain, can match window screening, without shading cloth, style can match the veil. Small sitting room used opaque shutter shade, cloth and curtain, day and night. Dining-room: does not belong to private space, such as exposure, generally have a layer of gauze. Bedroom: appropriate USES cloth curtain, with shading cloth and wire netting. Style with concise give priority to, small Windows can choose the finished curtain. Study: the study is available in natural, unique scent of wood blinds, soundproof shade or plain coloured curtain. | how to hang curtain general everyone find the curtain size according to the size of the window to decide, in fact, in this way the curtains can let a space look very uneven, especially for the small family, can let a space look more cramped, such as below. So the position of the curtain rod should as far as possible a few higher, so home will look more capacious. The curtain height from the ground: the hem of the be born curtain should be 3 - above the ground 5 centimeters, too long lead to mop the floor, curtain hem stain easily, and the serious influence the hang of the curtain. The hang of the curtain height: don't blind to save that several inches cloth, curtain several centimeters high storey height can show several centimeters high, like to wear long skirt can show high is a truth, from the above window frame on 13 ~ 18 cm starting suspension effect is better.
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