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Install the best curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-04-10
The curtain is now the fast pace of life social needs. People back home from a day's work, want to is to completely relax yourself. In the curtain contracted design style, at the right moment can make your life full of fun. Curtain rod installation method and curtain color selection, a day of busy and feel comfortable for you, can let you pursue fashion and modern concise style. So, today small make up the installation of the curtain rod to share with you, let you in your home decorating a process, a clear grasp of the curtain. Curtain rod installation 1, install the curtain you first need to be ready before installing curtains corresponding tools, such as measuring tape, pencil, hammer drill and form a complete set of 6 mm diameter bit, screwdriver, diameter 6 mm plastic expansion tubes, ladders, saws and so on. In addition, we also need to check whether the material is ready, such as checking on the Roman curtain rod and its decoration, installation code, the suspension loop ( Circle) Deserve good; Measure the length of the Roman curtain rod, the width of the window, and record. 2, you must first row line drawn with a pencil install code lines to locate the hole position. 5 meters to 3 installation code, code is located in the center of the window or wall in the middle of the installation, install code on both ends must be equidistance window edge at least 5-250 px, stem from the top of the window 15-500 px. After the good cross positioning line, a punch. Everyone not so casual in punching, must be in accordance with the standardization to bear in mind the following points: 1, the punching position away from the wires, conduit; 5-125 px, punch can't run eyes, and skew; 3, after punching, plastic expansion pipe into the hole. 4, hole after good next is to install the curtain rod. Installation code to use long screw to fixed, while the suspension loop one by one set of the curtain rod, the suspension loop in two, at each end to keep one eye and then the Roman curtain rod pressure into the opening installation code, adjust, make adornment head left wall distance consistent on both ends. Such as above, after the completion of these steps you can hang up the beautiful curtains. You wear on the curtain hook, and then hang the hook on the other side of the rings of the hole.
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