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Install the curtain rod only these steps

by:Pacific     2020-04-19
The curtain is necessary for every household decorations, along with the development of the industry now, the curtain design is becoming more and more diversified. But about the installation of the curtain, more attention should be paid to the items, how to install the curtain rod? What are the specific steps during install? The installation of curtain rod concrete step 1 first we first crossed determine its location and position. According to the height of the houses of different sizes, as well as the lateral width and so on, the curtain installation position is different, can consider first draw a line installation code positioning, determine the location hole line. In general, on the edge of the curtain rod installation yards on either side of the window position to equate, around 15 - from the top of the window position About 500 px, of course, different room Windows installation location and the size of the wall, crossed to determine the location of the distance is different. We must carry on the punch 2 second. The installation of the curtain rod drilling position must be accurate, will not be able to run eyes, and also can't skew, otherwise will affect the whole effect of the installation of the curtain, in addition when installation should pay attention to avoid hit the wire, pipes and etc. , so as not to affect other use of the household life quality. After the finished hole to press the plastic expansion tubes in a timely manner into the hole, to ensure the use effect. 3 we can install the curtain rod again. When install the curtain rod will be installed to use since the first tapping yards, then put the rings set in among them, remember that in two to retain a thimble, so convenient adjustment, in the late press the curtain rod directly into to the installation code is ok. 4 in the end we just scrape the curtain. To check before hanging curtain curtain rod is fixed, the suspension loop is flexible, on both sides of the qi, such as height whether think have the uneven can be adjusted slightly, and then the curtains hang you can. This is a few basic steps to install the curtain rod, at the time of actual installation need to have a certain understanding, according to the installation steps. It is worth noting that the installation process must careful, pay attention to the height adjustment and robustness check, make sure you are able to bring better decorative effect.
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