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Installation knowledge of curtain guide rail

by:Pacific     2020-02-16
Now curtains have become the focus of home decoration. How to make curtains serve us better is extremely important. Curtain rails are divided into bright rails [No curtain box]And dark rail [Use curtain box and hide] Two major categories, the Ming track is also a decorative track, also known as decorative curtain rods: solid wood, aluminum alloy, iron and so on. Dark rail: aluminum alloy, plastic [Nano] To distinguish the quality of the curtain guide rail, it is necessary to determine from the material and manufacturing process. 1. In the dark track section, let's talk about the dark track, which is the most used product in the family. It is divided into aluminum alloy series and plastic [So-called Nano]Series. The aluminum alloy track depends on the wall thickness of the track. Generally, the wall thickness of a high quality track exceeds 1mm. The fine track has no strength and is easily deformed, which affects the rolling of the pulley. Spray surface treatment and electrophoresis. It is recommended to use electrophoretic treated surfaces that are smooth and durable. The color is second because it is installed in the curtain box and the color has no effect on the family. Mainly depends on personal preferences. The second is the pulley, which is made of ABS and POM. We recommend using POM pulleys. POM is a super abrasive resin with long service life. The pull ring of the pulley is a ring that hangs the hook on the pulley. There are ordinary iron rings and 304 stainless steel rings and POM resin rings. Due to rust, it is not recommended to use iron rings. Track and pulley are determined. The most important thing is to install the bracket. The good mounting bracket is very durable and uses 1mm. The above-mentioned steel plate is very convenient to manufacture, multi-layer spraying, installation and disassembly, and is the solid foundation for track installation. The above is the basic selection method for dark rails. Due to the short use time, the plastic track is easy to age, and it is generally not recommended for home use. 2. Decorative curtain rod is the most popular curtain decoration material for young people. They come in a variety of styles and home styles. The material of the straw is solid wood, aluminum alloy, wrought iron, etc. It can be decorated in various styles according to the materials. Solid wood rod: suitable for more stable home style, aluminum alloy rod: suitable for fashion and pursuit of simple home, wrought iron rod: suitable for European and American style home, in the choice, mainly depends on the processing of materials and surfaces, the thickness is very important. The curtain rod is directly exposed to the home surface, so the surface treatment of the rod is particularly important. Decorative rods are now very popular 19-Welcome to the thin rod. The material is wrought iron and aluminum alloy rods. They mainly look at surface treatment. The service life and hand feel of wrought iron bars are not as good as those of aluminum alloys, but the decorative effect is relatively strong. Exquisite, long service life, there is also a need to pay attention to the installation bracket, must exceed 1. 2 steel, decorative rods are wall-mounted, the requirements for mounting brackets are higher than ordinary dark rails.
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