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Installation method of curtain track

by:Pacific     2020-02-20
1. Install the curtain rail. The curtain track has a separate double curtain track or a three-layer curtain track. When the window is wider than 1200, the curtain guide rail should be disconnected, the bending at the fracture should be staggered, the bending should be smooth, and the overlapping length should not be less than 200. The curtain box is generally a curtain track level, and the heavy curtain track should be equipped with machine screws; The dark curtain box should be a curtain track. The weight of the small corner of the curtain track shall be encrypted, and the size of the wooden screw shall not be less than 30mm. 2. Install the curtain rod to correct the connecting fixture, connecting rod or wire, and pull it to the fixture. Do the plane, consistent with the height of the room. Install standard curtain tracks (Double track) The width of the base should generally be more than 15 CM, and the monorail can be reduced according to the situation. 3. Install the lifting clip, rotate the clip 90 degrees and connect the curtain track, and use the self-tapping screw to install the lifting clip on the top plate. If it is a concrete structure, expansion wire needs to be added. Is the curtain equipped with a Roman rod or a track? The Roman Rod is a crossbar for hanging curtains. The rod body is cylindrical, and the two sides of the rod are gourd-shaped. It is named after the ancient Roman architecture. Most of the Roman rods are bright rods, usually with rings or buckles. The advantage is that it can be applied to windows that do not have a ceiling curtain box in advance. It is more beautiful and generous when exposed, and plays a certain decorative role, and the material of the Roman rod is various, there are solid wood, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and the selectivity is relatively large. The disadvantage is that only one bracket can be placed in the middle. Considering the load-bearing problem, the length of the pole cannot exceed 3. , Because it is too long, the thick curtain is hung up, which makes it easy to bend and deform. Due to the material of the Roman Rod, it is relatively expensive. In addition, the Roman rod is not very smooth. Second, the track rod is a kind of curtain that is placed in the track by the hook, and the curtain is pulled by the track movement of the hook. The track rod belongs to the dark Rod. The advantage is that it can carry out multi-track movement, so there is no limit on the length, and the price on the market is relatively cheap, more economical and cost-effective, and the service life is long. If the window has an irregular shape, the track rod can bend to different degrees according to it. The adaptability is relatively large. The disadvantage is that the curtain track is not good-looking, so it is more troublesome to leave the curtain box on the ceiling. For the respective advantages and disadvantages described above, Xiaobian believes that the question of which kind of curtain should be chosen can be based on personal preferences and actual needs, no matter what kind of choice, it must be consistent with your own decoration style.
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